Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Hercules & Thor

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Religion in the Marvel Universe has got to be weird. On one hand, you’ve got characters like Daredevil who are defined by being Catholic. On the other hand, you’ve got Thor, Ares and Hercules fighting alongside Captain America and Iron Man. Even in House of M when Kitty Pryde is teaching a class, she asks who the first mutant was – then clarifies by saying “Don’t say Jesus or Moses, I’m talking about confirmed mutants.”

Immortal king of Asgard!

Thor is back in the Super Hero Squad but with a brand new sculpt. After his redesign, which seems to have worked, Thor looks more like a warrior and less like a guy in spandex. Thor’s costume still evokes the classic imagery with the winged helm and the six circles on his tabard. His arms and legs are covered in sculpted mail, while his cuffs and boots look like fabric.

Thor’s face looks plain, but determined. It’s stoic and manages to seem Nordic while still sticking with the Super Hero Squad style. His long blonde hair flows from underneath his helmet. Behind Thor is his dark red cape. A few little touches on his costume look really nice, like the rune on his belt buckle and the leather straps keeping his shin armor in place.

In Thor’s right hand he’s clutching Mjolnir, but there’s something new about this one: it’s engraved! The side of it reads in very tiny letters “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of… THOR.” It’s near impossible to read and accurate to almost a fault because it is barely ever shown in the comics anymore.

Articulation isn’t that exciting with Thor only moving at the shoulders and his cape prevents them from fully rotating. The paint is pretty good for the most part. The muted blue and red work well for a more realistic coloring, but there are a lot of slightly off paint applications. Where his wings meet his helm show some slop, and the silver markings on his tabard don’t fully line up either.

The lion of Olympus!

Hercules is another god-themed hero in the Marvel Universe. While his name takes the spelling from Roman mythology, he’s firmly rooted in Greek mythology and should probably be named Heracles. Originally a rival of Thor, Hercules has recently become an Avenger after taking over Hulk’s comic.

Hercules doesn’t look much like your regular Super Hero Squad figure. Wearing a bright orange and green toga with enough gold accessories to make Scrooge McDuck jealous, he looks like he’s from a different time. With his left foot planted on a stone (just like Avalanche), Hercules is surprisingly immobile.

His waist doesn’t move because of the shape of his H belt buckle, while his neck barely rotates because of his bushy beard. The only joint that moves a tiny bit is a swivel on his left thigh which serves absolutely no purpose. But while he barely moves, the rest of the sculpt looks really good.

Flexing his right arm and stretching his left one out, he looks like he’s posing. His bushy brown beard and hair are separated by his golden headgear. Gold bands around his wrists and an orange and green sash across his chest almost make Hercules look like he’s posing in victory. Even the sandals are well detailed with each individual strap sculpted.

The paint is pretty good but all of the figure’s color comes from paint, not plastic, so he easily scuffs. The skin coverage around his boots isn’t perfect, but just makes his feet look dirty. Overall though, the paint is acceptable.

This is the third time Thor has gotten packed up with another god in a two pack – first with his brother, then with Ares. I don’t know why Hasbro feels the need to include two gods. Thor is a decent update of a figure that didn’t really need one while Hercules is a fine addition to the Avengers line up.

Super Hero Squad Wave 21

Thor & Hercules
Iron Man & Tiger Shark
Iron Man & Red Hulk
Spider-Man & Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
Black Costume Spider-Man & Green Goblin

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March 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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