Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Battle for Asgard’s Vault

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As Marvel and Hasbro started getting ready for the release of the upcoming Thor movie, they’re taking a different route with the Super Hero Squad three-packs. Instead of making lines for each of the different Avengers, Hasbro is releasing mixed cases that include Iron Man, Thor and Captain America – each with their own packaging!

Thor’s packaging calls him the Mighty Avenger and has an oddly cosmic looking motif.  The backdrop is a cosmic whirlwind of time and space that doesn’t really seem like Asgard’s vault to me, but the movie is supposed to give the Asgardians advance alien technology.

Evil god of trickery!

Loki is back for the

third time and gets a different coat of paint to set him apart. Originally from wave 5, Loki still holds up remarkably well in terms of sculpt. His crouched pose with his right hand pointing works perfect for the god of chaos. The horns are elaborate with a long ribbon streaming off his helm.

All of Loki’s costume elements are sculpted. The circle on his chest, the geometric pattern on his belt, it’s all looking good. Even the yellow cape works great. Articulation is the standard but a tad limited since his cape prevents his waist and shoulders from moving to their full potential. Loki also moves at the neck.

The big change is the coat of paint. The first version of Loki was bright green and yellow, while the second one had an amazing coat of forest green and metallic gold. This one splits the difference and gives Loki metallic green and bright yellow for most elements of his costume, while his chest and belt are detailed in gold. His horns are also a dull mustard that works well. Oddly though, his face looks more calm this time around that doesn’t seem fitting for the character.

Mightiest warrior in the nine realms!

Thor had to be included in the pack, but Hasbro didn’t need to include this version. Based on his wave 2 figure, this is one of the weaker sculpts that clearly dates back to when Hasbro didn’t know exactly what to do with the Super Hero Squad line.

The figure looks like a cross between Thor and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. His cheeks are puffy, his arms are flabby and the figure just looks like he ate one too many deep fried Twinkies. All the classic Thor elements are present in the odd costume design – the winged helmet, the six circles on his chest and the love of primary colors.

Thor’s color scheme is much more muted than normal with the reds, blues and yellows being much darker than normal. It actually works a lot better and prevents Thor from looking too cartoony. The paint is well applied though with all the little details getting touched properly. Though there is some misapplied red paint on his yellow shin and the top of Mjolnir, his hammer, is all silver – including the wooden hilt! Another oddity is that Mjolnir is silver, when it’s supposed to be made of stone.

Articulation isn’t terribly exciting either since Thor only moves at the shoulders. His waist is articulated, but his cape makes it completely immobile.

Indestructible fire-fueled armor!

The big draw of this set though is the new figure – Destroyer! Not actually a character, but an enchanted suit of armor often used by Loki to attack Thor, the Destroyer looks amazing. First off, this figure is huge – like Hulk and Juggernaut huge. It’s hefty and would tower above other figures if it stood straight up.

Instead of making the figure just a weak repaint of the Thorbuster Iron Man armor, Destroyer is all new in terms of sculpt and Hasbro definitely put their best stuff into this figure. The level on detail in the overlapping plates of armor and the rivets running up and down the arms and legs make it look terrifying.

The face is empty and expressionless with two blank red eyes staring out from underneath the “helmet.” Its left hand is open, while it’s right is in a flame clenched fist. Surrounding the fist is translucent reddish-pink energy that puts Gambit’s power manifestation to shame. The Destroyer only moves at the shoulders and barely at the neck, but that’s all it needs.

The paint is exceptional and would look amazing on a Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe figure. Instead of making the figure a flat gray or just silver, the entire armor looks weathered and worn with an amazing wash that really enhances the sculpt. The red eyes are dark and contrast beautifully with the shade used on his fist.

The speculation is that Thor will take on the Destroyer at the end of the movie and I think that makes a lot of sense. First, Loki is the reason the Avengers formed in the first place, so we need to keep him alive. And second, Thor can beat the crap out of the Destroyer without worrying since it’s just a suit of armor. Nowadays, too many heroes follow Batman’s rule about not killing (well, except Iron Man) so giving the heroes something to hit works great.

As a three pack, getting two repaints and only one new figure isn’t the greatest. But given the upcoming movie, this is going to be a popular. Thor is easily the weakest figure in the bunch, but there are plenty of other versions of him running around. Loki is fine addition and hasn’t been available cheaply for a long time too. But the Destroyer is absolutely stunning as a figure and almost makes this pack worth the price of admission by himself.

Avengers Super Hero Squad

Wave 1
Thor: Battle for Asgard’s Vault
Thor, Loki and Marvel’s Destroyer
Thor: Asgardian Smash
Thor, Hulk & Odin
Iron Man: Detroit Steel
Iron Man, War Machine & Detroit Steel

Wave 2
Thor: Battle in the Frozen Land
Thor, Sif & Frost Giant
Captain America: Raid of Enemy’s Headquarters
Captain America, Motorcycle & Hydra Soldier

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March 8th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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