Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Asgardian Smash

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Since the Avengers movie will tie in Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America into a single continuity, it makes sense for some cross referencing to happen in the toy lines as well. But instead of doing fun things like expanding the offerings, Hasbro is using it as an excuse to repackage old figures.

A quick word on packaging, Hasbro has dropped the customized backdrops in these sets so all of Thor’s include the cosmic backdrop that still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They look decent, but without them each being unique a lot of the charm is gone from the packaging.

Mighty king of Asgard!

Odin is the father of Thor, the adoptive father of Loki and the ruler of Asgard. Based on his mythological namesake, Odin really doesn’t look like he belongs with other Marvel characters. He would easily be right at home with Conan the Barbarian or battling a dragon somewhere. But while he doesn’t look like a regular super hero, Odin is stunning.

With a costume that blows me away, Odin looks like a worn and weary warlord. His dull chainmail armor is covered in riveted plate mail around the shoulders and wrists. Behind his dirty, graying beard you can see some gold leaf work on his breast plate while his legs are covered in simple brown leggings.

In his right hand, Odin is holding an ornate trident that would make Namor jealous, while his left hand is clutching a broadsword. Attached to Odin’s back is a separate piece that’s a polar bear skin acting as a cape which works beautifully. His horned helm allows his full face to be revealed. Articulation is minimal with Odin only moving at the shoulders and his right arm is limited by the trident.

The paint work is very well done with most of Odin being brown and silver. The golden accents on his buckle and armor give him a sense of regality while a minimal wash on his beard helps bring out the sculpt. Odin’s right eye is covered in a patch after he sacrificed his own eye to the Well of Wisdom, but his left eye is dark blue.

Hammer-throwing thunder god!

Thor Odinson is a repack of his first appearance in his new armor. The design still looks great, but I definitely prefer the newer version of Thor that recently came out. Wearing silver chainmail with a black tunic over it, Thor’s attire is a fine modern update of his more absurd superhero tights.

With Mjolnir crackling with blue energy in his right hand, Thor looks ready to battle someone but isn’t given anyone to fight in this pack! His winged helm perched atop his head looks good. Articulation is better than average with Thor moving at the shoulders, right wrist and waist. In a quality control error, Thor’s head wasn’t fully glued on for this figure.

The paint looks great for the most part. The translucent blue plastic used on the swoosh and energy around the hammer works great, and the silver details on his costume are near perfectly applied. But the shade of yellow used in Thor’s hair makes it look like he spent too much time in a chlorinated pool and the skin tone used is way too tan for a warrior who lives in an arctic world.

Ultra-strong villain smasher!

There’s no real reason for the inclusion of Hulk in this three pack and it makes me think Hasbro was just trying to stretch out the Thor three-packs.  Hulk is a repaint of his wave 15 figure, but this time he’s done in classic Hulk colors. The green is darker, the pants are purple and that’s all he’s got for coloring. The angry face and windswept hair still look a touch odd.

The sculpt is decent and makes for a nicely bulky Hulk. His legs are firmly planted in the ground while both arms are flexing. Articulation is sparse on Hulk with him only moving at the shoulders and neck, but even those joints only give Hulk a few different poses.

While I’m not thrilled about the inclusion of Hulk and just repackaging Thor, Odin is a fantastic figure that shows just what Hasbro is capable of – just like the Destroyer figure. An elaborate sculpt and strong paint makes him a great figure unlike anyone else in the Super Hero Squad. And I’ve got to say, I understand why Hulk got included since the options were either give Hulk his own three-pack in the Avengers way, which retailers probably wouldn’t want, or throw him in with someone else. So for kids just getting into the Super Hero Squad, they can easily assemble all four of the major Avengers with just these three packs.

Avengers Super Hero Squad

Wave 1
Thor: Battle for Asgard’s Vault
Thor, Loki and Marvel’s Destroyer
Thor: Asgardian Smash
Thor, Hulk & Odin
Iron Man: Detroit Steel
Iron Man, War Machine & Detroit Steel

Wave 2
Thor: Battle in the Frozen Land
Thor, Sif & Frost Giant
Captain America: Raid of Enemy’s Headquarters
Captain America, Motorcycle & Hydra Soldier

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March 10th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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