Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: War Mechs

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This three-pack makes absolutely no sense. It is three repaints; one of them is a new character who nobody has been clamoring for. But Iron Man seems to constantly be adding new things to his armory, but when the changes are so trivial it isn’t really worth it.

Like the Thor Super Hero Squad 3-pack, the new Iron Man 3-packs fall under what I’m calling the Avengers Super Hero Squad line just to stay sane. Heralding Iron Man as “The Armored Avenger” works well for giving him a little quip. The packaging matches up well enough with the Iron Man 2 toys too allowing the lines to peacefully coexist. Sadly though, Hasbro has changed the packaging so the backdrop isn’t a battle scene or any armory – it’s just some random light and swirls that evokes the idea of Iron Man’s arc reactor.

High-tech armored super genius!

Just the other day I wrote about this figure when he came paired with Tiger Shark. But I was slightly mistaken, because this version continues the trend of making Iron Man look like his movie counterpart. The sculpt is still the same as every other time this figure has been released.

The armor looks great with plenty of details and both his hands ready to fire repulsor blasts. His unmasked head looks cocky with one eyebrow raised. And articulation is still the same three joints: shoulders and neck. The removable helmet still is a problem and looks very oversized which is a shame because the rest of this figure is near perfect (all he’s missing is a waist).

The new coat of paint uses metallic red and yellow on the costume along with his eyes, repulsors and reactor being white with blue trim – which looks infinitely better than the last version.

Ultra-powerful walking weapon!

This is the fourth time I’ve reviewed this figure as well (and the second time I’ve reviewed this War Machine and this Iron Man together!). War Machine’s sculpt is based off his early 90s look, which many fans recognize as the iconic versions. The sculpt is still a great representation of Rhodes.

To set War Machine apart (besides the colors) is the abundance of weaponry attached to him. His right shoulder has a SAM battery mounted on it, while his left has a chain gun. War Machine even has a small laser attached to the left side of his head. War Machine moves at the shoulders and waist.

War Machine’s paint is new though. The coloring is similar to modern War Machine in Armor Wars I with his suit being black and pearl with green highlights. The green highlights add some much needed color to the figure, but it is odd that Hasbro seems to be actively avoiding giving him red highlights.

Rogue weapon of mass destruction!

There is no way Hasbro could have possibly justified making a figure of Detroit Steel. A suit of armor crafted by Hammer Industries that just so happens to look identical to the movie version of Iron Monger with a few weapons thrown on, Detroit Steel is a big nobody. So much so, that he doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page.

This all-American paint scheme which is absurd, hilarious and trashy all at the same time – it’s like the NASCAR of super heroes. Detroit Steel’s sculpt works really well but you wouldn’t know it given how the paint distracts you. The metal work, the pistons and plates all make for a giant looking metal beast that’s ready to brawl. Detroit Steel moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

But the paint on this guy puts Norman Osborn’s Iron Patriot outfit to shame. Painted shiny, metallic blue for “gloves,” “boots,” and “helmet,” the whole attire is shamelessly patriotic. The metallic red torso is covered in white stripes and stars – even his feet are emblazed with stars. His arc reactor is bright yellow and matches his eyes.

There are a lot of issues with the paint though. The coverage of these metallic colors clearly doesn’t work right with instances of white looking pink, his “nose” looks rubbed off and some red splatters on his blue gloves.

Detroit Steel is like Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, a fine way to take a figure and turn it into someone new with a different coat of paint. He probably should be more elaborate and come with weapons like a Gatling gun and chainsaw, but as he stands, he’s serviceable. What really annoys me though is the fact that all three of these figures are repaints and Iron Man and War Machine in these sculpts are still being packed in cases! This could have been a great way to get weird Iron Man variants out like his armory pack, but instead Hasbro dropped the ball and made a set that’s an easy pass.

Avengers Super Hero Squad

Wave 1
Thor: Battle for Asgard’s Vault
Thor, Loki and Marvel’s Destroyer
Thor: Asgardian Smash
Thor, Hulk & Odin
Iron Man: Detroit Steel
Iron Man, War Machine & Detroit Steel

Wave 2
Thor: Battle in the Frozen Land
Thor, Sif & Frost Giant
Captain America: Raid of Enemy’s Headquarters
Captain America, Motorcycle & Hydra Soldier

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March 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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