Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Battle in the Frozen Land

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All of these Avengers Thor Super Hero Squad packs make me think of how Collector’s Pack #4 really should be part of the Thor line. I mean, it gave you a frost giant, three of the Avengers, Loki and Enchantress!

Super-skilled swordswoman!

Sif is one of those Marvel characters I don’t know a whole lot about besides my knowledge of her in Norse mythology. She used to have blonde hair like Thor before Loki cut it off and replaced it with dwarf hair; she’s an excellent warrior and hopelessly in love with Thor. And I know she can teleport thanks to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Like many females in the Super Hero Squad, Sif is unarticulated but manages to look really good. Her attire though is a bit odd for a goddess, especially when you consider how bundled up most other Asgardians are. Sif’s wearing a dark red cape with black trim but her actual costume is little more than boots and a leotard.

She’s a super hero who isn’t wearing pants. Her boots are black with red trim, while her body is covered in red with some silver pieces of armor. Sif’s head has a winged tiara on it to provide some protection, while her face is just adorable.

The paint is pretty decent for the most part, but in some areas there are coverage issues like on her hand and knees. Her neck also seems oddly long, but that might just be how it is because of the cape.

Lightning-powered warrior!

Thor is a repaint of his oddly large figure that first debuted in wave 18. No longer in a squat, he’s standing upright and towers above most Super Hero Squad figures. Wearing his classic costume, Thor looks good but I still can’t get over how absurd his costume actually is.

The winged helmet, the flowing red cape, the blue spandex and yellow boots make him look like someone made him using the bare minimum of colors. To set this Thor apart though is his skin tone. This is one tan Asgardian which really does look kind of odd. It makes sense that a guy who doesn’t wear sleeves and flies around would get a lot of sun, but he looks a lot darker than most.

Articulation isn’t bad with Thor moving at the shoulders and waist. His waist only goes about halfway because of the cape, but it gives a decent range of motion. But the face is still bordering on creepy while his left hand is awkwardly posed still too.

Mega-strong menace!

The first frost giant was a mega figure that looked great. But someone at Hasbro must have realized that mega figures are a tougher sell, so they came up with a creative way to make more frost giants that actually works far better than I would expect.

The frost giant is actually a repaint of Skaar, the son of Hulk! Changing his skin from sickly green to vibrant cyan makes a world of difference and turns him into a whole new figure. If he was standing full height, he’s tower above most Super Hero Squad figures but makes up for it in width – this guy is about as wide as two figures!

Wearing minimal armor crafted out of unrefined metals and skins, the makeshift armor makes sense on a frost giant. In his left hand, he’s clutching a roughly hewn frost blade that looks great thanks to airbrushing. Articulation is a touch odd with the frost giant moving at the right shoulder, left wrist, waist and neck.

The paint is what really makes this figure more than just a repaint (much like US Agent). The shade of blue used for the skin is gorgeous while the brown and silver armor contrast splendidly. Black tattoos on the shoulders and face add some character, while red eyes glower out from underneath his frozen white hair.

For a pack that is just a repack, a repaint and a new figure, I actually like it more than I expected. Thor is an uneventful throwaway figure for me, but for kids he’s a fine figure. Sif looks adorable and anything to expand character selection works well. But the frost giant, while a bit small, works infinitely better than I ever expected.

Avengers Super Hero Squad

Wave 1
Thor: Battle for Asgard’s Vault
Thor, Loki and Marvel’s Destroyer
Thor: Asgardian Smash
Thor, Hulk & Odin
Iron Man: Detroit Steel
Iron Man, War Machine & Detroit Steel

Wave 2
Thor: Battle in the Frozen Land
Thor, Sif & Frost Giant
Captain America: Raid of Enemy’s Headquarters
Captain America, Motorcycle & Hydra Soldier

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March 15th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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