Avengers Super Hero Squad Review: Raid on Enemy Headquarters

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By packing the Super Hero Squad movie packs under the Avengers banner, Marvel doesn’t have to worry about getting too much stuff on the shelves at once like they did when Iron Man and Hulk kept bumping heads in the toy aisle. But they’ve got to be careful trying to sell people on Captain America when Thor is after the spotlight.

The packaging of this pack isn’t terribly exciting as it shows off Ultimate Captain America with the tagline of “The First Avenger.” I do like how Hasbro is giving each of them their own modifier but I have no idea what they’re going to give the Hulk. The backdrop is a worn and weathered section showing off Captain America’s shield and circle emblem. It’s okay, but had it been the H.Y.D.R.A logo it would have been excellent.

Ultra-tough super soldier!

Instead of including Steve Rogers, this pack includes Bucky as the New Captain America! Even odder is the fact that he’s just a straight repack from when this figure first came out! No subtle changes in paint, he’s identical!

Bucky posed to ride a motorcycle so his Hasbro Heroes squat is more defined. His costume is the one designed by Alex Ross and works well for setting him apart but it’s odd that Hasbro is just selling him as Captain America. In his right hand he’s holding a pistol while his shield is attached to his back.

The paint is still good with metallic blue being used for the armor and flat black for the cloth. The contrast is great, but this is a figure that’s been released before.

Our hero’s sweet ride!

The motorcycle at least got a new coat of paint. The first time this bike came out, it was a pleasant surprise over the less than stellar ones that Wolverine seems to like. The inclusion of a kickstand and an asymmetrical design all work well. The bulkier body works well, but Ghost Rider still has the best bike released.

Both wheels spin freely and the front piece wiggles left and right, allowing for minimal steering. The new paint scheme works well and does seem like the kind of thing Cap would ride around in during the war. Metallic blue with red highlights, it certainly matches his motif. The wings on the chassis are a nice touch, but for some reason the star in circle is only painted on one side.

Getting Captain America on the bike is a bit of a challenge though. His shield and gun make it a bit of a hassle getting him in place. Another oddity is the fact that the shade of blue used on the figure and the bike are different.

Evil servant of Red Skull!

It’s been a while since Hasbro released an army builder in the Super Hero Squad, but this may be the worst way to release one. By including a HYDRA goon in a three pack, it makes assembling more of them rather difficult. Why can’t all troop builders be like the Skrull and SHIELD Agent two-pack?

The HYDRA Soldier feels like a relic from a different age. His pose is in the classic Galactic Heroes pose and he barely moves with the only articulation being at the right shoulder. The sculpt is decent with plenty of buckles and pouches all over the soldier’s body, but nothing about him is that exciting.

The calm, slightly smiling face is off putting. Even the gun in his right hand looks oversized and generically futuristic. It’s just odd.

The figure is cast in dark green plastic with the rest of the details painted on. The ever present issue of painting yellow is here with poor coverage and his skin tone doesn’t seem to be all there either. His boots, gloves and gun all look good though.

If you didn’t pick up the New Captain America with a motorcycle when he first came out, this set is fine. But for a completist, there’s a sour taste left in my mouth about just getting a repackaged figure, a differently painted bike and a new figure that just isn’t that special. Sure, I’d love another HYDRA soldier or two to guard Red Skull, but I’m not going out of my way to track them down.

Avengers Super Hero Squad

Wave 1
Thor: Battle for Asgard’s Vault
Thor, Loki and Marvel’s Destroyer
Thor: Asgardian Smash
Thor, Hulk & Odin
Iron Man: Detroit Steel
Iron Man, War Machine & Detroit Steel

Wave 2
Thor: Battle in the Frozen Land
Thor, Sif & Frost Giant
Captain America: Raid of Enemy’s Headquarters
Captain America, Motorcycle & Hydra Soldier

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