Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Wolverine & Polaris

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The latest wave of the Super Hero Squad provides some interesting figures. But someone at Hasbro needs to be yelled at – because packing Polaris and Wolverine together doesn’t make much sense.

Unbeatable ultimate weapon!

Wolverine is a minor repaint of his wave 17 figure that came with Spiral. Wearing his Astonishing X-Men costume from the acclaimed Joss Whedon run, Wolverine is posed in an action-y way with sparks flying off his claws as they swipe at the floor. The action pose is an interesting way to add some variation to the figures instead of the standard Heroes-squat, especially for figures that are constantly reissued.

The pose is decent but given how extreme it is, Wolverine’s articulation is substantially limited. His right shoulder and neck can be moved around but he has to rest on his left arm to balance. The sculpt is good, but the face still looks like Batman to mean.

The paint is pretty much the same as his last release with glossy blue that sparkles. The application isn’t great, with some coverage issues on his arms and the breaks in colors are muddled. The same goes for the trim on his boots, it’s an absolute mess. The sparks are cast in clear plastic while the base is bright red and looks suspiciously like blood.

Mutant mistress of magnetism!

Polaris never had it easy. Being a mutant with a physical manifestation is always hard to hide – especially when it makes your hair green. So she joined up with other mutants to be safe, then they found out she happened to have the same abilities as Magneto. If there is one guy in the Marvel Universe you don’t want people to think you’re related to, Magneto is definitely up there for good guys (Sorry Wanda and Pietro).

Polaris has been grossly neglected when it comes to toys. Besides her awkward Rogue-repaint in the 90s and her single Minimates figure, and in a lot of ways this figure doesn’t help that much. First off, the figure is a repaint of Scarlet Witch. Yeah, it’s kind of weird that Magneto’s adoptive daughter is the same sculpt as his actual daughter but that’s beside the point.

As a repaint, a few concessions had to be made when it came to Polaris’s costume. Gone are the straps over her shoulders and the sides are filled in. The gloves are much longer but realistically, Scarlet Witch and Polaris have very similar costumes so this reuse makes a lot more sense than you’d expect. The only real oddity is the green flames coming off her hands. Usually her powers are drawn as geometric shapes.

The paint is decent with some coverage issues on the skin tone. But what is really impressive is how different her face is from Wanda’s. The slight smirk and questionably evil eyes allows her to easily be on the side of good with Havok or on the side of Magneto.

In the comics, Polaris lost her powers after M-Day but managed to get them back with technological implants and some misguided assistance acting as the Horseman of Pestilence for Apocalypse. But as a repaint, I’m astounded at how well she works out. Wolverine is going to be quickly tossed aside, but he isn’t a bad figure. The only bad thing about this pack is how unfair of a battle it is. How is the guy with a metal skeleton ever going to beat a girl who controls magnetism?

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June 24th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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