Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Iron Patriot & War Machine

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Just like the Thor and Spider-Man pack, this set is simply two repaints tossed together, but unlike that set; both of these figures are fantastic. But toy manufacturers must love Iron Man and War Machine because those two can be any colors and still work.

Armored crime fighter!

War Machine is a repaint of the near perfect figure that came in Armor Wars I. A modern take of the armor that looks stunning, the sculpt is still exceptional on this figure. The massive blasters on the wrists, the overlapping plating and impressive shoulder mounted weapons all scream War Machine and look amazing.

The big change on this figure are the colors of the highlights, instead of being green this time they’re bright red. The change is very well done and as a toy turns him from just any armored super hero into a terrifying rogue robot! War Machine moves at the shoulders and neck.

Undercover evil mastermind!

For a while, the Marvel Universe wasn’t the place you wanted to be. After the Avengers got disassembled, then Scarlet Witch destroyed most mutants stuff just wasn’t looking good. Then the Civil War broke out among the heroes only to find out an alien invasion happened under everyone’s nose! It ended when Norman Osborn shot the alien queen with a big gun on live television.

With such public support (and some creative PR work sweeping his Green Goblin person under the table), Osborn disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D. and started his own acronym group: H.A.M.M.E.R. His first order of business was assembling his own team of Avengers, only they weren’t quite the group people were expecting. With names like Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye, the people felt safe but those weren’t the heroes everyone knew.

Osborn dressed up Bullseye, Venom, Daken and Moonstone as classic heroes and donned a new identity for himself – the Iron Patriot! A simple repaint of the Iron Man Mark III armor, this is one repaint that makes a lot of sense because it’s literally one of Iron Man’s old suits repainted!

Iron Patriot is clearly inspired by the amalgam of Iron Man and Captain America that showed up during a What If…? story. But as a figure, this is everything I was hoping it would be. The sculpt is still excellent with one arm outstretched. Maybe it’s just me, but the love the head shape because it evokes the imagery of Osborn’s awful hair. Articulation hasn’t changed with cut joints at the neck, shoulders and waist.

What really sets Iron Patriot apart though is the paint. The metallic red, white and blue all look fantastic. The star shape on his chest does look a bit off, but as a repaint, it’s perfectly fine. The whole design is almost sickeningly patriotic, but that might just be because you know it is Norman Osborn inside of it.


What’s most impressive is how many of the Dark Avengers have been released in the Super Hero Squad. Sentry and Ares never needed new costumes, but the second version of Hawkeye is a great Bullseye and a black costume Spider-Man works beautifully as Venom, while any brown suit Wolverine is close enough for Daken. All that’s missing is a classic Ms. Marvel for Moonstone and Noh-Varr. But this two pack is exactly what I was hoping for and it delivered on all accounts.

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June 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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