Marvel Super Hero Squad Review: Spider-Man & Thor

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Packing two hard to find figures together seems like a good idea, but I’m wondering what Hasbro is up to when it comes to this two-pack. With both figures being very minor variants, it seems kind of pointless.

Web-slinging wonder!

This is the first time this Spider-Man figure got released in the states, but overseas he came out several years ago as part of the Super Hero Secret Wars four-pack. Spidey is posed with him shooting webs at the ground while jumping in the air. It’s similar to the movie designed figure but there is one major difference.

The scale of this figure is beyond off with Spider-Man looking much larger than he should. Massive hands, feet and limbs make him a big figure, but when compared to any other Super Hero Squad figures, he’s way too big.

Articulation is okay but the pose is fairly preset. Spidey moves at the waist, right shoulder and neck. Only the neck allows for any real movement. The paint is slightly different that the first release, with darker shades all around. The wash on the webbing is slightly messy and seems to be hit or miss.

Heroic thunder god!

Another minor repaint, Thor had just been released in the last wave with Hercules but with his movie being out, I guess Hasbro wanted to make sure he was on the shelf. Of course, most stores stopped carrying the Super Hero Squad two-packs, so that didn’t quite work out.

Thor is wearing his modern outfit which is a tabard with six circles over a suit of scale mail. The figure looks good but he’s near identical to the last release. The sculpt is still strong, going as far as including the inscription on Mjolnir. The sweeping cape billows behind Thor and everything looks right but there’s nothing new here!

Thor moves at the shoulders only and even those are limited by his cape. The paint isn’t too different this time around either with the blues being a bit darker and the red being a bit more vibrant. The only real change is the thickness of his eyebrows and the vague shape of his eyes. So he’s no longer looking upwards.

For collectors, there is very little reason to get this set. Both figures barely even qualify as repaints. For kids who don’t have many figures but love Marvel, it’s a great way to get them two of the most popular figures, but even then, there are better two-packs out there.

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Written by jestergoblin

June 28th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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