Super Hero Squad Review: Avengers Attack 7-Pack

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While the second of the Super Hero Squad 7-packs doesn’t feature any brand new sculpts, it definitely fills a hole or two in most people’s collections by bringing together a fantastic New Avengers team up and three who haven’t been seen in a long, long time.

Devious plotting is revealed as the Avengers strike at the heart of the base where the Leader hides. The evil super genius has recruited a number of dangerous villains to his cause. Crossbones is more than happy to test his skills against Captain America and Wolverine, while Red She-Hulk battles Spider-Man and Iron Man!

Crazy villain for hire!

Crossbones never got a release in the states since the Winter Soldier Saga four-pack only saw release overseas. So for many people, this is a brand new figure. Best known for being the guy who killed Captain America, Crossbones has become more and more popular over the years and up until recently, was a member of the Thunderbolts.

Crossbones looks like he should be a Combat Hero given the military vest, the TEC-9 in his left hand and the general mercenary look of the figure. From the neck down, he’s identical to the overseas version. His skin is better colored but the big difference is the mask.

Crossbones wears a Luchador-esque mask that covers up any distinguishing features he would have. Designed to look like a skull, this time Crossbones is designed to look more comic book-y. His eyes are solid white and shaped to look evil. The teeth and nostril designs are bigger too. The only issue is that the figure’s sculpt was clearly made with round eyes in mind. Crossbones still moves at the shoulders.

Ultimate fighter for justice!

Captain America is no stranger to the Super Hero Squad. In fact, this exact sculpt has appeared three other times already in the line and this time, not much has changed. Cap still has his shield strapped to his back with his right hand outstretched and his left clenched in a fist. Cap moves at the shoulders and waist.

The blue is darker than normal while the red is less vibrant, but the colors work well and are fairly clean. There is an instance of red slop on his shield, but it looks an awful lot like blood. The big changes though are the eyes. Captain America’s eyes are just white circles with a blue dot. They look very different from the regular Super Hero Squad eyes and it makes him look like a mannequin.

Unbeatable clawed mutant!

Wolverine is another figure that keeps showing up in the Super Hero Squad; at least this time he has a different coat of paint. The sculpt is of his early 90s costume and still looks good. It’s yellow and blue with a flared mask and boots. Both of his adamantium claws are popped and Logan moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The only difference to the figure though is the metallic blue paint used on the costume. The last few times blue metallic paint was used on Wolverine, it failed miserably but I’m happy to say that this time, it actually works.

Gamma-powered Super Genius!

The Leader has been tough to find since the third wave of the Hulk Super Hero Squad was very hit or miss at retail, so re-releasing him makes a lot of sense. But to set him apart, the Leader got a new suit to wear. Completely unarticulated, the Leader is now in an orange and silver suit that contrasts nicely with his dark green skin.

The sculpt still works well with the giant cone head and some random gizmo clutched in his left hand but the weirdest thing about the Leader is the plastic: he’s rubber! Many of the Clone Troopers and Stormtroopers in Galactic Heroes were made of a more bendy plastic and the Leader seems to be as well. It doesn’t change the figure, but he feels really weird since this is the first Super Hero Squad figure to use this kind of soft plastic.

Web-slinging super hero!

Spider-Man is a straight repack from his wave 14 figure that was paired up with Iron Fist. He’s in his black symbiote costume and is just standing there. It’s easily one of the plainest looking figures. His right hand is a grip while his left incorrectly shows him making the shooting webs sign. Spider-Man moves at the shoulders and neck.

The only paint on the figure are his two white eyes and the white spider emblem that covers his torso and back. It’s all well painted but there isn’t a whole lot to say about this figure.

High-tech hero!

Iron Man is another repaint of his punching the ground while wearing his classic armor look. Originally packed with Fin Fang Foom, this version of Iron Man is on the darker side with metallic red and gold for coloring. His eyes and mouth are black, giving him a look very reminiscent of Iron Man 2020.

Iron Man moves at the waist, shoulders and neck. Much like Spider-Man, he isn’t very exciting since this is a palette swap Hasbro seems to love. As an Iron Man, he works great and he blends in well with the rest of Tony Stark’s armory.

Mysterious, powerful hero smasher!

The only “new” figure in the set is Red She-Hulk! A repaint of She-Hulk, this version actually manages to look like her own character. Actually Bruce Banner’s long term girlfriend and eventual wife, Betty Ross (daughter of General “Thunderbolt” Ross), Red She-Hulk is a fairly new creation in the Marvel Universe.

Red She-Hulk wears a similar outfit to She-Hulk with purple gloves and boots and a black unitard. Her black hair has red lightning highlights in it which add something new to her look. Her face is feminine but strong with yellow eyes and purple lips. Red She-Hulk moves at the shoulders.

For an accessory, Red She-Hulk comes with a copper I-beam that’s been bent in half and has two places where she can grip. It doesn’t stand in her hands well, but the fact that it can be removed works a lot better than the original design She-Hulk had.

For a backdrop, the set comes with a vague cityscape done in light blues. It has some fun references to classic Marvel history, like Stan’s Dry Cleaners after Stan Lee and Joe’s Diner after Joe Quesada the editor-in-chief at Marvel. But it isn’t that impressive and will probably soon be thrown away unlike the packaging of the Collector’s Packs.

Retailing at $23, these seven-packs are very interesting. It’s basically a full wave of two-packs for the price of only three packs. Sure, Spidey, Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine feel a bit excessive as a collector, but for kids just getting into the line this is a wonderful jumping on point for the Marvel Universe. You’ve got four good guys and three bad guys ready to brawl. But if you missed out on Crossbones and Leader or like Red She-Hulk, this is the only way you’re going to get these figures.

Super Hero Squad 7 Packs

Defeat of Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom, Volcana, Reptil, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man & Hulk
Avengers Attack
Captain America, Wolverine, Black costume Spider-Man, Iron Man, Crossbones, the Leader & Red She-Hulk

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