LEGO Kingdoms Review: Knight’s Showdown 7950

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I don’t know what it is about LEGO, but for some reason people are fine buying them for me. I’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering since 1994 and can count on one hand the number of times people have bought me cards. But for Christmas, it seemed like everyone was getting me LEGO sets!

King’s Knight versus Dragon Knight in a fight to the finish! In the heat of battle between the forces of the good King and the army of the Dragon Knights, one of the King’s brave soldiers duels a Dragon Knight soldier with a powerful catapult.

Knight’s Showdown isn’t the most exciting LEGO set ever, but as a small, impulse buy it works out really well by including two knights, a siege catapult and an ornate sword stand. And honestly, any set that allows for a battle right out of the box is fine by me.

The Lion Knight in red is representing the latest LEGO king. Most of his appearance comes from the color of plastic, his parts are cast in with light gray arms and legs with yellow hands and a black belt. His chest is painted with a red and white checker patterned tunic on both sides with a golden lion’s head in the middle of the chest. Under his chin, you just barely see some silver chain mail.

The Lion Knight’s face is bearded and smiling. The overall look works well and the head could easily appear in any LEGO world from medieval to modern to space without issue. For accessories, he comes with a silver sword and a silver helmet with red plume.

The Lion Knight seemed over prepared for the battle since he brought an entire siege catapult! Making up most of the pieces in the set, the catapult is basic but works well. Mostly different shades of brown to represent wood, the catapult moves on four wooden wheels. The launcher works well and can fire one of the two “stones” (note: the packaging shows three round bricks but the set only comes with two).

Attached to the side is a red and white Lion shield to designate which side this mechanism of war belongs to. I wish this set included a Dragon shield too so it could easily switch sides.

On the side of the Dragon Knights is a single black knight. Wearing black armor with copper and graphite details, he definitely looks meaner than the Lion Knight. His armor looks great with plate mail and chains providing protection. Both his front and back are painted too.

Under the helmet is an unshaven warrior who looks like he’s going to enjoy a battle. Between the crazy eyes and scattered facial hair, the Dragon Knight is definitely on the bad guy side.

His helmet is cast in dark gray and just leaves his eyes peering out. Attached to the top is a green plume. For weapons, the Dragon Knight gets a dark gray battle axe and a sword.

The final piece of the set is a stand for the sword. Made of wood with green details, it’s simple but adds another nice touch. The golden banner looks good too, but after getting the sword in the stone in the Kingdoms Advent Calendar, it doesn’t feel quite as exciting.

As a set, this works out really well. The catapult actually fires and the weapon stand adds some background. The two figures represent their respective kingdoms well but I still wish the set also included a Dragon Knight shield so the catapult could switch sides. Or you could just remove the shield marker and let anyone use it.

Written by jestergoblin

March 25th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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