LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest Review: Flying Mummy Attack 7307

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LEGO figures seem to be getting more and more expensive thanks the near impossible to find collectible minifigures. But it means some sets now seem like an incredible bargain, like this one.

Seize the soul diamond in an epic air battle! Jake Raines swoops down from the sky in his armored biplane to seize the soul diamond from atop the obelisk. Suddenly, two flying mummies arrive to claim the treasure for their master. Who will win this epic air battle?

While Flying Mummy Attack may not be the most exciting name ever, it gets the point across quickly. The two flying mummies are near identical to the two that came with the Golden Staff Guardians. Besides the accessories, they are actually the same figures but they work so well as army builders that it doesn’t even matter.

The paint work on the figures is still exceptional with the chests being wrapped in bandages. A golden collar and matching belt bring some needed color while the blue skirt is just painted on. The heads are painted on both sides, one just being a lipless face with two red eyes peering out. The other one only has a single red eye peering out.

Both mummies have identical accessories. Their headdresses are navy blue falcons with painted details. The “backpack” is a pair of painted wings that are about three inches across. The wings, while unarticulated, look amazing. The overlapping feathers with golden tips and red accents look beautiful. Both also come with black spears.

The two mummies guard a massive obelisk. When I first got the pack, I thought the obelisk would only be a few inches tall, but it is actually eight inches tall! Standing on top of dark sand, the obelisk is pale yellow, navy blue and burnt orange. Sadly, LEGO resorted to using stickers for the engraved (and weathered) hieroglyphs.

Perched on the top of the obelisk are four golden points and the Soul Diamond (because LEGO loves making people collect parts). The Soul Diamond does fit into the top of the Golden Staff for some weapon on ultimate power which is cool.

Jake Raine (another weather “pun” that LEGO seems to love in their adventurers) is a pilot. He looks like a younger version of the Pilot. He’s wearing khakis with a brown bomber jacket covered in pins. His back has a large hawk emblem with the initials SMH. Jake’s face is good looking with long sideburns and a soul patch. A scar under his right eye gives him some character but he still looks a lot like Mac McCloud. Jake is wearing a pilot’s helmet with goggles.

The big build of the set though is the biplane – the Spirit of Luis. Powered by a propeller, the plane looks good. It reminds me a lot of a set I got back in sixth grade but little touches work well giving the set some character.

The stickers strike again with the targets, the tail and the sides all having applied stickers which is a real shame (or maybe I’m still bad at applying stickers). Mounted on the front are two machine guns that look fantastic by using connectors to extend the gun barrels.

The one interesting addition is the grabbing arm on the bottom of the plane. It is able to grab the Soul Diamond from the top of the obelisk and fly away. It’s a nice execution and adds some interesting play feature. If you don’t like it, it’s super easy to remove.

Originally retailing for $20, I managed to grab it for $15 which is a steal. Three figures, a towering obelisk and a plane for the price of five collectible minifigures is incredible. Even at full price, this is worth getting if you like fighting the undead. The mummies look great, the plane is fun and the obelisk is far more impressive than it needed to be.

Written by jestergoblin

March 27th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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