Glyos Review: Crayboth 2-Packs

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My biggest toy collecting regret is easily the time I sold off my entire Xevoz collection to help pay for books and supplies at college. Since then, they’ve become near impossible to find online – even used so I’ve got a giant void left than I’m desperately trying to fill with any toy line that assembles. So between Poe Ghostal and ItsAllTrue, I decided to get some Glyos.

Inhabitants of the Sporian Planet Alcray, the creatures collectively known as the Crayboth use their energy disrupting abilities and advanced psychic communication to protect themselves from off world invaders.

Glyos are created by Onell Design (who just happen to be a couple miles away from me) and are often described as a cross between action figures, LEGO and M.U.S.C.L.E. Men and the Crayboth definitely remind me of all of them.

The little brothers of Glyos, the Crayboth keep the same idea. All the parts are removable and interchangeable so in theory you can build whatever kind of twisted beasties you wish. With the larger figures, it works better though because the undersized Crayboth all end up looking the same.

Packaged in two-packs in what looks like a card box with a window, the box has some well designed elements – like the fact that the figures can be taken out without damaging the packaging! Behind the tray is a card showing off the four different packs.

All four of the Crayboth have identical sculpts and are only differentiated by their colors. The sculpts are a hybrid of alien biology and technology that reminds me a lot of classic video game designs – and given the 8-bit art on their website, I think that’s definitely intentional. The head and torso piece is vague and you can’t quite tell if there is a face on it. The large carapace armors the top and back. One arm looks like it has a Mega Man blaster while the other is three-fingered opened hand. The short legs only have two toes. The whole figure is covered in lines making it look like they’re wearing segmented armor. And these guys are small, standing right around an inch and a half tall.

Articulation is minimal with cut joints at the shoulders and hips. But each of the limbs can be removed and exchanged so if you want a guy with two blaster arms or four clawed limbs, you can have that too. It’s a neat idea that definitely works better on the larger figures because these guys really only have four parts to play around with.

To set each Crayboth apart, they’re cast in different shades of PVC plastic. The Sentinel is cast in sea foam green and painted with navy stripes and teal limbs. The color is tranquil and serene. It’s paired up with an identical figure cast entirely in translucent yellow plastic that reminds me of apricot jam. The Disruptor is cast in light purple with dark purple paint and black detailing. Its pairing is a translucent neon orange Crayboth that looks like a delicious piece of candy.

All the parts and pieces are compatible with other Glyos system figures but on their own, they’re still fun little figures. They can be purchased online for $6 a two-pack which isn’t bad for a small, locally owned business.

The interchangeable limbs add some interesting creativity to this small scale but what I really like about them is how well the style fits in with any toy line. Small aliens work great as an invasion force for Spider-Man to deal with or some undiscovered planet for Luke Skywalker to interact with. They’re just a lot of fun, but not as much fun as their big brothers.

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