Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Jolt & Ravage

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Robot Heroes is a weird line the more I think about it. They’re toys based off a PG-13 movie based off an old cartoon from the 80s that are now being marketed to the children of the kids who watched the original cartoon. And they don’t even transform!

Jolt makes little to no sense to me for one major reason: in the first Transformers movie there was a Decepticon named Jolt who got only a single toy and then got renamed Deadend! So then an Autobot shows up named Jolt and everyone thinks it is okay. You don’t think Swindle would be the tiniest bit suspicious?

A giant blue robot that supposedly transforms into a Chevrolet Volt, Jolt is known as the blue robot that no one seems to notice but happens to be integral to the plot since he helps revive Optimus Prime with his electric whips. At least he didn’t get ripped in half and cast aside.

Jolt looks a lot like a knight given his surprisingly bulky appearance with armor covering his body. His face looks to have a mask covering it for armor and the whole figure looks pretty neat. His large whips remind me a lot of Whiplash (and remind me that we never got a suited up Whiplash in the Super Hero Squad). With hands that are just clamps, he manages to look the best out of most of the Bayformers.

Attached to his back look to be small wings but it’s probably some way for him to power his harpoon tipped whips. What is odd though is that the sculpt shows off six tires on the figure, one on each shoulder and two on each shin – which two too may for a Volt. Jolt moves at the shoulders and neck.

Paint isn’t the most exciting with almost all of Jolt just being cast in blue plastic. He’s got some tiny red accents and black tires, but most of the color comes from his sky blue whips and bright yellow eyes. His Autobot insignia is haphazardly throw on his left shoulder.

On the side of the Decepticons is everyone’s favorite cassette tape minion – Ravage! The adorable, cyclopean kitty that looks like it lives off the nightmares of children, Ravage is worlds better than Hasbro’s first attempt. Down on all fours and ready to pounce, Ravage looks like a cat. Provided cats are mechanical, covered in spikes, cannons and only have one eye.

The whole design naturally puts Ravage with his head low and tail up in the air. If it weren’t for the odd smile on the face, this creature would be terrifying but I guess Hasbro wanted to keep Ravage a tiny bit approachable. Blasters are mounted on each hip and the tail looks like whatever tool a dentist would use to traumatize a kid. The legs are segmented and look great. Articulation is abundant but not that useful with Ravage moving at the hips, shoulders and neck but really only the neck is useable.

Paint is decent with silver and metallic teal details on the legs and weaponry. The only other color on Ravage is the bright red tongue and purple eye. The Decepticon logo is right on top of his head too. One odd thing is that Ravage’s right forearm is about twice as long as the left.

As a two-pack, these two have no business being together but that doesn’t matter because they’re two of the finest Robot Heroes out there. Jolt with his whips looks great and different. No one may remember who he is, but his toy is a blast. As for Ravage, it’s a great balance of terrifying and adorable. Though part of me really wants a repaint of him like Hobbes.

Written by jestergoblin

March 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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