LEGO Review: Large Green Baseplate #626

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In my mind, one single LEGO set truly marks the point when someone goes from a casual LEGO player to a diehard – and I’m not talking about the Brick Separator. I’m talking about the baseplate!

The perfect starting point for LEGO creations! Whether you’re constructing a forest scene or just like the color green, this 32×32-stud building plate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, transporting and playing with your LEGO creations.

Relatively inexpensive even today, the LEGO baseplate is a necessity for anyone who wants to build something large. And given that the raised baseplates only came with the most expensive and impressive LEGO sets, for many people these are the best you’re going to get. But that’s perfectly fine, because they’re excellent.

32×32 (ten inches by ten inches) studs of pure building freedom that allows your mind to run wild – it could be a dense forest for the elves or an open meadow for a horde of Vikings to raid. It doesn’t matter and that’s what makes it great.

Anyone who loves playing with LEGO needs at least one of these baseplates. They come in green and blue or you can get an extra large one in gray. While they’re not the most exciting LEGO set ever, they are one of the greatest and anyone who loves LEGO will have a use for them.

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April 1st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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