Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Barricade & Ratchet

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While Hasbro went back to the drawing board with some of their Robot Heroes movie designs, they knew to keep the ones the worked. Sure, Blackout got changed for the worse but Barricade still manages to look great.

Barricade is probably supposed to be some veiled commentary on how the police are corrupt, but if that’s the case, it doesn’t really work since he doesn’t really look anything like a police car transformed. In fact, Barricade looks even less like a police car this time around.

A repaint of his first figure, Barricade’s sculpt holds up surprisingly well. The sharp angles of his claws and horns make it blatantly obvious he’s a bad guy, but I love that Barricade can fit in with any of the Hasbro Heroes toy lines. His design isn’t as over the top as other movie Robot Heroes, so he meshes well with both the cartoon and movie lines. His robot mode isn’t covered in too much kibble, so he also works great as a robot for G.I. Joe, the X-Men or Boba Fett to battle too!

Articulation is the same with him moving at the shoulders and neck, but his neck doesn’t move much thanks to his pointy chin and shoulder blades. The color scheme is somewhat newer this time around with a majority of the figure just being cast in metallic black plastic. His accents and silver and metallic blue that look good, but only his arms are white, which seems kind of odd for a police car.

To battle Barricade is the Autobot Ratchet – with yet another new sculpt! After the awfulness of the first one, the second take on the character was well done and so is this one! Blaster Ratchet shows off that he’s got more than a buzz saw hidden in him since his right hand has changed into an arm blaster that would make Mega Man proud.

About as big and bulky as the last Ratchet figure and better detailed. The sculpt is much more defined and less soft. It’s a fine enough likeness with little touches like his “mustache” and intricate sculpt. Ratchet moves at the shoulders and neck.

But since the figure is cast in lime green plastic, many of his finer details get lost. The aspects that are painted charcoal and silver stand out and look great, but the rest of his appearance is a bit bland. The blue eyes and red blaster contrast beautifully though.

By no means is this two-pack essential. Ratchet has been released a few times already and so has Barricade. But if you don’t have either of these two or missed out on the original Transformers movie Robot Heroes, this is a mighty fine pack that shows some of the best offerings the movie line has to offer.

Written by jestergoblin

March 30th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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