DC Universe Action League Review: Low & Tomar-Re

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With the second wave of the DC Universe Action League, Mattel has really shown that the Brave and the Bold Action League was little more than a trial run. A revised style, much better character selection means the Action League line has gone from an interesting idea to a must buy. As much as collectors despise Mattel, they really do know how to make excellent toys.

Yellow Lantern Low latches on to Green Lantern Tomar-Re! Can Tomar-Re escape the evil parasite?

With the rise of Green Lantern becoming an A-list character, it isn’t surprising to see Mattel making as many of the rainbow lanterns as possible. Wave one brought us Hal Jordan, Sinestro the White Lantern and Deathstorm the Black Lantern. Now Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern Corps are representing fear with Low!

While not the most creative name in the book, Low seems to be a favorite of Mattel’s by giving him two figures already! A twisted blue parasite that doesn’t really have a head, Low is basically a giant egg-laying leech. Capable of draining the blood from a victim in seconds, I have no idea why anyone thought giving him a power ring was a good idea. Even if his character and name don’t do much, the figure looks great.

The drastically contrasting colors of his yellow and black uniform and Low’s turquoise skin make for a figure that really stands out. He’s big and bulky but keeps the Action League style of tube legs and box hands. Besides his Yellow Lantern emblems on his ring and chest, every element of Low is sculpted in. His bronze gauntlets and silver belt seem unnecessary but work well. Even the large yellow star pattern on his uniform looks great.

But Low’s head is the neatest part since it is little more than a mouth attached to a neck – like a clam crossed with a leech. Articulation is as expected with Low moving at the waist, neck and shoulders.

The paint works well with the figure being cast in yellow plastic. The glossy black paint on the uniform gives it the appearance of being a different material while the silver and bronze accents work well for metal. The shade of turquoise used on Low’s skin looks perfect too, but the actual paint application isn’t perfect with some of Low’s teeth paint on his arm.

Instead of just giving us another Hal Jordan each time a new colored Lantern shows up (though I would love to get a rainbow brigade of Hal Jordans), Mattel packed up Tomar-Re! Tomar-Re has long been part of the Green Lantern mythos as one who trained new recruits and acted as part of the Honor Guard. He also failed to save the planet of Krypton after being blinded by a solar flare.

From the neck down, there isn’t anything special about Tomar-Re and I wouldn’t be surprised if this sculpt gets reused down the road for other Lanterns. His look is identical to Hal Jordan’s, which makes sense since it’s a uniform. His right arm is outstretched with his power ring being pointed while his left is held close in a fist. Tomar-Re moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

Tomar-Re’s head reminds me of Blinky from the Simpsons only with two-eyes and more of a beak. Part fish, part bird and all alien, he definitely stands out. He’s wearing a black domino mask over his eyes, but it makes him look like he’s just wearing a lot of eyeliner. His neck is at an odd angle so the figure only looks right when looking to the right.

Like Low, Tomar-Re’s outfit makes great use of glossy black paint to make the costume look different. I still don’t fully get the white gloves though. All the paint is impeccable though, including the Green Lantern emblems on his chest and ring.

I don’t know if these two figures have any history or not, but packing up a Yellow Lantern with a Green Lantern works great. Low is a fantastic looking alien for any purpose and Tomar-Re is a fine looking Lantern.

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March 22nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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