DC Universe Action League Review: Prometheus & Green Arrow

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I wasn’t crazy about the Green Arrow figure released in the Brave and the Bold Action League. His proportions were really off, the square head felt wrong and the complete lack of a beard left me scratching my head.

After Prometheus attacks Star City, Green Arrow tracks him down for a final showdown!

Oliver Queen took the mantle of Green Arrow and began protecting Star City, much like what Batman did in Gotham. A left leaning liberal, he has taken the Robin Hood motif to an extreme but the look works so well. This is a modern take on Green Arrow and it’s much better than his 1941 look.

Kneeling with his bow drawn and ready, Green Arrow shares many similarities in terms of design to his original Action League counterpart. Green Arrow’s tunic has cross-stitching under the neck, a quiver strapped to his back and relatively basic “super hero” elements. If it weren’t for the two-toned coloring, he’d look right at home during any time frame.

Oliver Queen’s face is partially covered by a hood and domino mask, but his Van Dyke beard is present. Clutched in his right hand is his compound bow with an arrow notched in it that looks an awful lot like a missile. Articulation is at the shoulders, neck and waist.

The paint is decent with the two shades of green contrasting nicely. His face work is great but some slop on his right arm occurred on his gloves.

Prometheus is a character I know absolutely nothing about. According to Wikipedia, he’s kind of like an evil Batman (so Owlman I guess) with a dash of Dollhouse/the Matrix/Taskmaster thrown in. He doesn’t have super powers, but can upload skills to his brain directly to become a master of pretty much anything. He does this via a special helmet.

But while I don’t know much about Prometheus, I do know he looks good. I adored the Dark Knight figure and this takes it to a whole new level of basically crossing Batman with a knight. Wearing a purple suit with bronze armor and a sweeping white cape, it’s a unique color combination. His face is hidden by a helmet that reminds me of a knight’s helm with the visor pulled down.

Articulation is the regular four points at the neck, shoulders and waist. His cape does inhibit his arms and waist. Sadly though, Prometheus comes with no weapons. The paint is very well done and I love the contrasting colors of bronze, purple and white. The little sky blue touches on his helm work great too.

The fact that these two are packaged together is a bit morbid since Green Arrow shot Prometheus through the head (remember kids, Batman is the only hero who really refuses to kill). But even without the storyline component, these two just look like they belong together as an archer and a knight. One is a fantastic upgrade of one of my favorite characters and the other is just a good looking toy.

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March 24th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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