DC Universe Action League Review: John Stewart & Atrocitus

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With three of the Lantern Corps represented in the Action League, Mattel continues to release the rainbow. The founder of the Red Lanterns joined the fray and the black Green Lantern shows up!

Atrocitus sets aside his rage to join John Stewart in battle against the Black Lanterns. But for how long?

Jon Stewart is easily best known for being the host of the Daily Show, but the Green Lantern John Stewart is best known for being the black Green Lantern. Originally little more than a black version of a white hero, John Stewart really came into his own thanks to the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. And this version of him looks a lot like his cartoon counterpart.

For some reason, John Stewart doesn’t have to wear the regular uniform like most Green Lanterns. The general motif is there, but the whole outfit is slightly different like the absence of the domino mask, the mostly black costume and ditching the white gloves. Instead he’s got green boots, green bands and green shoulders – that’s it. To set him apart, John’s eyes are solid green. The face sculpt looks good with a stern face matching his Marine background. John Stewart moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint is very well done for the most part. His insignias look perfect and the glossy black paint is stunning. My only complaint about the paint is the shade of green on his eyes is a bit too dark, I would have preferred them glowing more.

Sadly without including constructs, it’s impossible to show what really sets John Stewart apart from the other Lanterns – the fact that he used to be an architect. While Hal Jordan would make comically large hands or Kyle Rayner would use his experience as an artist, Stewart would make solid, architecturally sound constructs.

Atrocitus is the founder of the Red Lantern Corps. Powered by rage, he was one of the five beings to survive an assault by the Manhunters in sector 666. Unlike the rest of the Red Lanterns, Atrocitus is able to use his power ring without turning savage and feral and has a single goal in mind: killing Sinestro.

Atrocitus is similar in size to Low and bulkier than the average Action League figure. Oddly enough though, they all seem to have the exact same size feet. All of Atrocitus looks to be uniquely sculpted as well. His massive torso features sharp shoulder pads, his gauntlets are pointy and even his boots are slightly different.

But while Low and Tomar-Re adapted nicely to the Action League look, Atrocitus’s face and hands are problematic. His face should be little more than a skull with fangs and sunken red eyes; instead it looks more like he’s balding and bad at smiling. His hands too are mostly skeletal with holes where his knuckles should be, but on this figure, his hands look just like everyone else’s. He doesn’t look bad, but he doesn’t look as terrifying as he should.

Articulation is the standard four points as well at the shoulders, waist and neck. His neck joint, which reminds me a lot of Lex Luthor in armor, only gets about 120 degrees since the high color and shoulder pads prevent it from moving all the way around.

The paint is pretty good but definitely feels like Mattel took the easy way out. His costume looks great with most of the figure being cast in red plastic and having the other parts painted in glossy black. But the hands and face are the exact same color instead of being more maroon-pink.

While Atrocitus is far from perfect, I’m amazing that Mattel even made the blood-vomiting alien hell-bent on revenge. And John Stewart isn’t bad at all, all Mattel needs to release is Kyle Rayner and the earthling Green Lanterns will be complete. With five of the Lantern Corps represented, all that’s missing is Indigo, Blue, Orange and Violet!

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March 26th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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