LEGO Harry Potter Review: 4738 Hagrid’s Hut

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So this set has been sitting on top of my bookshelf completely assembled for almost six months now. Every time I think I’m going to review, something else comes up or the idea of reviewing a larger set just feels daunting. So I’ve drank my Felix Felicis (it’s just tequila) and I’m going to finish these Harry Potter LEGO reviews like I’m searching for Voldemort’s horcruxes.

Action and adventure await you in Hagrid’s Hut! On the shadowy outskirts of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry grounds, Hagrid’s Hut is home to the school’s half-giant grounds keeper. Harry, Ron and Hermione never know what will await them there. From giant spiders to baby dragons, magic and mystery surround this rustic cabin.

Hagrid’s Hut has been made two times before by LEGO, but I wasn’t collecting then so I have nothing to compare this set to really. Originally I grabbed it for two reasons: it has the entire trio and it includes a light up brick!

Ron, Harry and Hermione are all identical from the waist down wearing their school uniforms. Black pants with a dark gray sweater painted up with the colors of Gryffindor. The paint work is perfect with some small folds and loose ties. The stripe on the bottom is also on the back.

All three of them also feature double-sided heads. Harry can smile or scowl just like in the Freeing Dobby set.  In fact, Harry is identical to that set including the brown rod for a wand and the mop of black hair.

Hermione can be happy or pissed off. The dark peach tone used on her lips is perfect for portraying her without lipstick. Though the figure doesn’t look particularly like Emma Watson. Her hair is a brown and long, going down to her mid back with two strands pulled back. Hermione also comes with a wand identical to Harry’s.

Ron Weasley main face is smug and aloof which works well for the youngest Weasley son. The freckles look great and the half-smile gives more character. His other face is a terrified one that’s perfect given his fear of spiders. Ron’s hair is identical to the Skater’s but cast in burnt orange. He too has a wand.

The other minifigure is the Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts – Rubeus Hagrid! A half giant (on his mother’s side) Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts when a monster was killing Muggles but Dumbledore kept him around and let him stay as the groundskeeper. But since he got expelled, his wand was snapped in half.

Hagrid has a unique body that he doesn’t share with any other LEGO figures that reminds me a lot of Playmobil. His massive, hollow torso lacks most LEGO articulation with Hagrid only moving at the shoulders and wrists. His neck would move if it weren’t for his massive beard. Underneath the shaggy mess is a regular LEGO figure head that looks tired and worn.

The paint on the body is great too showing off his multiple layers of jackets. A lopsided belt and huge buttons all fit the character. For accessories, Hagrid comes with a brown crossbow, a lantern and a closed pink umbrella that hides the remains of his snapped wand.

But while those are the only figures in the set, they aren’t the only characters! A single light gray rat is present – Ron’s pet Scabbers who is really the animagus Peter Pettigrew! A lone green dragon is present too, Norberta (originally Norbert before anyone knew her gender) that looks right at home next to Hagrid’s fireplace. Oddly enough, the set doesn’t include a dog to be Fang! But the Farmer can fix that.

Other animals are included like a brown spotted owl and a gray striped one. Three small spiders are crawling around too, but that’s not what Ron is afraid of – Aragog is though.

A massive acromantula that Hagrid raised during his second year at Hogwarts when he got expelled, Aragog and his family have lived in the Forbidden Forest for decades with his family. Aragog is a simple build that shows off some serious ingenuity on behalf of LEGO – like the fact that his spindly legs are actually katanas! The brown and black color scheme works well, but the build doesn’t really look like how I picture the giant spider.

Aragog’s packed with articulation including a joint allowing his thorax to move. Each of his four center legs has a hinge joint while the outer four have hinge and swivel joints. Amazingly, his eyes are not a sticker. But his eyes are supposed to be milky white since he’s blind, not bright green.

The big build though is Hagrid’s makeshift hut at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. From the outside, it looks awfully cozy for a half-giant but the cobblestone look is really unique. The outside is littered with small mushrooms and pumpkins (which are actually jack-o-lanterns). A front and back door are present that both look great. The color scheme is kind of bland, but it works well representing the hut.

The set is hinged so it opens up revealing the rather spacious inside. But Hagrid isn’t one to let space go to waste so there are random items handing on the walls like a fish, chicken leg, axe and key. On the left end is a fire place with a cauldron on the flames. The cauldron is supported and can easily me moved away from the flames. The light brick is in the fire place giving the whole set a nice orange glow when it’s turned on. When the set is close, the windows light up and it looks adorable but I wish there was an easy way to keep the light on!

Above the fire are some random jars of either pickling or potions. Two steps lead you down from the front door while the key hangs on a key rack.

The other half of the set is a cross between Hagrid’s bedroom, office and kitchen. A bench/desk/bed is along the wall. Underneath is hidden a letter and a secret compartment where Hagrid has a bright red gem – the Sorcerer’s Stone perhaps? The table is different kinds of wood and topped with a mug for tea or something stronger and an empty plate. A lone broom rests in the corner.

The roof does a great job with the bricks used to create the illusion of a thatched roof supported by wooden beams. All four of the roof panels are on ratcheted hinges to allow for extra space while playing.

Stickers do get applied in the set though on the chimney and panels to give the set a more brick-like look (even though it’s made of LEGO bricks). A single framed photo is in Hagrid’s hut of a wizard in green, it’s probably his father.

Originally I got this set just because it had the light brick and the trio. My thought process was if I owned Harry, Hermione and Ron then I wouldn’t need more LEGO Harry Potter sets. I was horribly wrong. At $40, it’s a decent set but not extraordinary. If you just want to get the trio this is the easiest way to do it and it’s great for that. But really, LEGO couldn’t have included Fang?

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April 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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