LEGO Vikings Review: Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon 7020

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I only have a few instances of completely irrational brand loyalty ingrained in me: Crest toothpaste and Arthur flour. At a glance, it looks like I’m the same way with LEGO but that’s not the case. After being exposed to Mega Bloks two years in a row for Christmas and a birthday, I learned a lesson about knock offs and proceeded to spend years segregating my collection between LEGO and Mega Bloks.

I remember getting the Mega Bloks Viking ship and thinking “this is pretty cool,” but that may have been because it had glow in the dark bricks. But it quickly lost luster and I wondered why LEGO never tackled the ample world of Norse mythology.

Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon may not be the most creative name ever but I don’t care because it includes an entire army of Vikings! Seven of them to be exact and that’s exactly what I wanted since I completely missed out on the Viking LEGO sets when they were in stores.

Sure, each of the Vikings have their own legs, torsos and heads but it’s all pretty mix and match besides shirtless-screamer and old-man-leader, you can make any team of Vikings you want! The head options include grimacing redhead in chain mail, looks suspiciously like a Spaniard, stoic graybeard, raging redhead, smirking light gray beardy, bored strawberry and angry old man.

Five different torsos are also included but they all look vaguely similar with chainmail, straps and circles. All of them look good and look unique so I can’t complain. Two include navy arms and crossing belts, while two more are maroon sleeves with ornate fur trim. Shirtless guy just has some straps and a hunk of metal on his abdomen. Sandy green includes an axe across the chest while boring blue has some neat circles.

Six of the helmets are made with flecked black and silver that actually looks like metal. The horns are individually plugged in. The king, instead of getting a crown, gets a golden horned helmet. And yes, I know horned helmets are a complete work of fiction and have never been found but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re absolutely awesome. But I will say the helmets seem to sit oddly high on the figures’ heads and don’t stay on as well as I would like.

For weapons, a decent assortment is included. Two flecked axes, two silver spears, a silver broadsword and a golden broadsword for the king. A long flag is also included for the flag bearer. The swords look kind of weird, like they’re quasi-futuristic but the rest of the weapons are great.

The heavy artillery wagon is a stunning creation that brings a lot of LEGO Technic parts to the regular LEGO for one single addition: semi-automatic firing. Able to empty its clip in a matter of seconds, the artillery wagon is so much fun. By turning the handle, it alternates triggers and fires repeatedly.

The design of the wagon is great too with massive wrought iron wheels covered in spikes. The front is made of brown and gray to look like wood and it’s beautiful. In the back is a miniature snack bar for the Vikings with a treasure chest filled with gems, a tapped keg and two goblets.

To move the wagon are two very long bricks connected covered in handles to be pulled by the Viking army. Five massive shields are including featuring four different crests like circling snakes, runes, and designs. They’re gorgeous. The Viking King has a place to stand while leading his troops into battle.

The only thing this set is missing is an enemy. Seven Vikings and one of the most terrifying pieces of siege equipment I’ve ever seen out of LEGO, they need someone to challenge whether it’s an army of undead, dwarves, elves or knights. I don’t care, but this set is absolutely awesome and if you can find it near original retail price of $30, it’s worth getting!

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April 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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