LEGO Space Police III Review: Raid VPR 5981

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This LEGO set single handedly blew my mind. History isn’t something seen very often with characters and storylines being fairly nonexistent in the LEGO universe. There is the occasional stuff like Ogel being the descendant of Vladek, but usually LEGO sets just exist in their own bubble. This set shows that something big has happened in space.

Defend the law in Galaxy City! Equipped with twin flick-launching freeze-ray blasters, the Space Police’s Raid VPR super-pursuit spacecraft is ready to chase down any criminal in Galaxy City. But when Rench comes to town, the Space Police Commando will need all of his hi-tech vehicle’s speed and maneuverability to bring an end to the space-crook’s futuristic crime spree!

From the neck down, the Space Police Commando is identical to the officer that came with Squidman’s Escape. The padded armor suit with the Space Police red badge front and center. He’s all dark gray with black hands.


Since this commando is actually going into space, he’s wearing a black air tank and one of the newer LEGO space helmets like the spaceman in dark gray as well. It has a red visor but that doesn’t move. The double-sided head shows off one of being angry with an eyebrow raised or yelling into the void of space.

The Raid VPR (someone is a fan of Battlestar Galactica) is a vehicle that does a great job of blending the line between present and future technology. About six inches long, it looks pretty decent. Mostly white and black, a majority of the colors come from the red and blue parts. The cockpit holds a single figure and easily opens.

For weaponry, the freeze rays are back with two of them in front of the cockpit. On each wing is a flick-and-fire missile that doesn’t work at all but look fine just sitting in the wing. Four stickers must be applied too with the word “Police” on each wing and the red Space police emblem on the tail.

Rench is the alien in the set committing some kind of crime. His head is an all-new sculpt for LEGO in lime green with three hair tentacles in the back of his head. The open, fanged mouth actually goes all the way to the neck stub. It’s a great looking head, but that’s not what got me excited.

Rench’s outfit is a black jumpsuit with a dark gray harness on it. Knee pads, skull-shaped belt buckle and wallet chain make up his surprisingly intricate leg paint scheme. But the torso downright blows my mind. The harness and belt (which wraps around his back) all looks gorgeous and is perfectly painted but the emblem on his shoulder is the lime green B for Blacktron – the original smugglers in space! Just like the Space Villain, it looks like Blacktron is back in the LEGO universe but they’ve changed into cyborgs and aliens and that’s downright awesome.

For a weapon, Wrench has the standard LEGO “bazooka” gun with a red brick attached to it. It works well and part of me loves that LEGO has been using the same weapons for decades.

This pack is a lot of fun. The ship is a fine build that walks the line between futuristic and present day rather well, but I still find issue with all these police vehicles having no way of transporting prisoners. The commando is great and both his faces are different but Rench with his suit looks great and has huge implications for the LEGO universe.

Written by jestergoblin

April 5th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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