Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Megatron & Chromia

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I know collectors don’t like hearing it, but female figures just don’t sell as well as male figures in toy lines targeted at guys. During the TMNT 25th anniversary, April O’Neil clogged the pegs for years afterwards (my local Toys “R” Us still has them for sale!) or how about all the Power Girl figures from DC Universe? In girl lines, it’s like when there are dolls in multiple ethnicities – people tend to buy the one that most resembles themselves. So how does Hasbro get around it? By making the toy look as little like female as possible.

Chromia is one of the triplets along with Elita-1 and Arcee in Transformers Revenge of The Fallen but her sisters never got made but based on how this figure looks, I don’t think anyone is missing out on it. Chromia looks… awful. Any Transformer who changes into a motorcycle is already starting out with a major handicap.

Precariously balanced on a tire, Chromia stands with a nasty lean. Her right hand is a crab claw while her left hand is just a tire. Not a tire doubling as a shield, just a tire. The only hint of Chromia being a female are the lips sculpted into her freakishly shaped head. Her back is covered in kibble, like the sculptor remembered she was supposed to be a motorcycle and just added in handlebars, a bike seat and two protruding pieces of metal. Chromia moves at the shoulders and neck.

To trick people into not thinking that Chromia’s a girl, her blue and charcoal coloring make her look surprisingly bland. The lips are barely visible with her dark face and the stand she’s on is painted a sickening shade.

In easily one of the most unfair fights possible, Chromia the motorcycle finds herself paired up against Megatron the flying tank! Megatron came out fully transformed once and again fully in his tank mode, but this time he’s half robot and half tank – like some twisted centaur!

The bottom half of the leader of the Decepticons is made up of tank treads, armor and a dust cloud. His torso feels a touch small, but his right arm cannon looks great with the spiked tip. His left arm is undersized and clenched in a fist. Megatron’s new head looks kind of weird too – like he’s a Jersey Shore reject but the sneering face works well. Megatron moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

There isn’t much paint on Megatron since he’s mostly a single shade of dark silver. His treads are glossy black and his red eyes stand out menacingly. His dust cloud is the same color as Chromia’s and it’s absolutely hideous.

Hasbro clearly took the route of least effort when making this pack. Chromia just looks awful and I’m really glad they didn’t repaint her two more times just to complete the set. Megatron is slightly better but by no means is this pack worth picking up just for him. It’s an easy pass unless you really like female robots that look terrible but I think that’s a very small demographic.

Written by jestergoblin

April 3rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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