Toy Review: Super Hero Squad Collector’s Pack #3

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The third collector’s pack has been found regularly at Toys R Us around the country now, making it infinitely easier to find then the exceptionally rare Collector’s Pack 2. With a $30 price tag, this is pricey for an exclusive but is it worth the money, that really depends on what you’re looking for.

Web-slinging defender of New York!

Every Collector’s Pack needs a Spider-Man and this one is no exception. A repaint of a figure we’ve already gotten three times just makes it hard to swallow. Especially when this is one of the worst Spider-Man figured released in the series.

His pose is awkward at best and is often off-balance. While his face attempts to emulate McFarlane’s style it falls flat. Both his arms are articulated but if you move either one too far he’ll topple over. Spidey moves at the shoulders.

Armored technology genius!

Another often used repack is Iron Man. This figure has been released before and this time he got a very, very minor repaint. A new coat of paint could have taken this figure from an unexcited “meh” to something great in the Iron Man armory. Instead of making the figure Stealth or Silver Centurion, they made the red slightly more maroon.

If you don’t have this figure already, he’s a fine version of Tony in mid-flight. He’s also sporting the rare 5 points of articulation – waist, shoulders, wrists. An okay figure but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Powerful psychic with diamond skin!

The lovely Emma Frost, former White Queen and now an X-Man is displaying her secondary mutation: diamond skin. The use of clear plastic works great but there is a minor problem: fish eyes. Her eyes are about twice the size they should be, resulting in them being lined up with her nose. From a distance, she looks okay but closer inspection is when she looks bad. Only her neck moves, but that’s more then the usual for females in this line.

The super-stretchy super genius!

Finally we’re getting to some good figures. Mr. Fantastic is HUGE, like Hagrid size in relation to the other figures. I can totally see why this figure has only been offered in multipacks. He’s in his classic Fantastic Four costume and I like him more than the Ultimate version way back in Wave 3.

He looks like Reed Richards. This figure came out in his “modern” costume with the Secret Invasion pack but those were never released stateside. Probably the best figure in the set even with only two points of articulation: waist and neck.

Master of the skies!

Falcon is another character that collector’s have been waiting for. He was supposed to come in the Winter Solider Saga 4-pack that never made it to the states, along with Winter Solider and Crossbones. The Falcon is a great supporting character to Captain America. He looks good but is limited by only moving at the waist. It’s just nice to finally have the figure but all the hype has made it a bit of a let down.

Giant powerhouse with unlimited strength!

Finally there’s Ultimate Hulk, the first mega-figure we’ve gotten in years.  He looks great with other regular figures but problems come up when you realize how horribly out of scale the other figures are. Ultimate Hulk is around 16-18 feet tall, but is about a head shorter than Ultimate Giant Man – who’s supposed to be 60 feet tall! The figure is based off his look during the I-think-it’s-finally-over-after-5-years mini series Ultimate Hulk vs Ultimate Wolverine which means he’s sporting a lovely brown skirt and some beaded necklaces, not the “iconic” Hulk look.

The biggest issue is that a different plastic was used for the head, which makes only his face glossy – though that could be from the paint. He moves at the waist, shoulders, neck and wrists, the standard for mega-figures. He’s a good addition and it’s nice to see more figures from the canceled Mega Series.

The packaging is another carrying case, which is nice but wouldn’t hold up to play with little kids for very long. The oddest part to me is that the background is supposed to be Avenger’s Tower and only three of the characters were part of that. I would have gone with either the Ultimate’s Triskellion or the Mountain Sanctuary from the Ultimate Hulk story.

Overall this pack doesn’t feel essential, only Falcon is a new character. With the price point of $30, it’s hard to recommend this pack to anyone who owns most of these figures. It’s odd seeing how much the price of this line has gone up since I starting collecting, it was originally $5 for two figures and now a single two-pack is pushing $8. At current prices, it’s about average but really that’s all this pack is: average.

Thanks to neozero for sending me one when I couldn’t find it in stores originally.

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