LEGO Kingdoms Review: Outpost Attack #7948

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The war rages on in the LEGO Kingdoms as the Dragon Army continues to lay siege to the Lion King’s borders. But where are all these Dragon soldiers coming from? Besides the Wizard’s pet, do any of them even have dragons?

On the borders of the King’s land, the outpost is the kingdom’s first line of defense. Two of the King’s brave soldiers are preparing to repel the Dragon Knight soldier and his giant catapult.

Laying siege to the outpost is a single Dragon soldier. Wearing a two-toned green tunic with bronze chains and detailing, he looks surprisingly similar – in fact he’s identical to the Dragon soldier in the Prison Carriage Rescue! The same black and green clothing and the same head – are all Dragon soldiers related?

To set him apart, he has a wide brimmed helmet cast in dark gray that looks amazing with all the bolts and rivets holding it together. For accessories, he comes with a dark gray spear and a single torch.

The Dragon catapult is massive, just slightly smaller than the Dwarves’ Mine Defender. I have no idea how a single soldier moves this behemoth, but it looks terrifying. Mostly black bricks with some brown for the wooden parts, the catapult lumbers along on four large black wheels. The wheel decoration is beautiful with a two by two gold and green pattern.

Attached to both sides are Dragon Kingdom shields showing off loyalty, while the front is equipped with two spikes as well. The actual catapult mechanism works well and for ammunition two “barrels” are included that look decent but look to be little more than bundled wood. Why not just include some barrels then?

Defending against this army of one onslaught are two noble soldiers of the Lion Kingdom – both of whom I’ve already reviewed. On the ground is a spearman who came in the Kingdoms Advent Calendar with his chiseled, stoic head and extensively strapped up chest covered in silver mail. His helmet is like the Dragon soldier and he holds a pearl gray spear.

The other soldier is a crossbowman made up of various parts that have already been seen like torso and legs from the Knights’ Showdown and the head and helmet from Prison Carriage Rescue. The checkered tunic looks great and I love that the Lion crest faces left while the Dragon crest faces right – putting them eternally at odds! His head is the double-sided one with a smirk on one side and a look of fear on the other. For weaponry, the archer comes with a brown crossbow and a brown quiver around his neck.

The Lion Outpost is a relatively simple little tower consisting of three levels. The overgrown ground floor is simple and open with two axes at the entrance. The single flat brown plate connects to the two bases. The vine decals had to be applied by hand but give the outpost a sense of time – this isn’t some new construct. So it definitely makes the Dragon Kingdom look like the invading force.

The second story isn’t terribly exciting either. Two arches, a single window and some stunning looking work on the parapet with slanted red bricks. Hanging from the front is a simple checkered flag of the Lion Kingdom. As a play feature, the windowed section of the wall can be knocked out by the opposing catapult. Sure, it’s a challenge to aim but it works well. Sadly, LEGO didn’t provide an alternate way to keep the window part intact but a few extra bricks keep it in place.

The turret on top is pretty basic. The brown bricks used to support it look great, while the light gray design is simple but does just fine. Two banners, one red and one gold, flow in the flagstaff while a mount is provided for the crossbowman. There are really only two big oddities in this whole set. First, the arches in the back are black instead of gray. Second, there aren’t any ladders going up to the top!

This outpost is infinitely better than the one that could be built with the Castle Brickmaster set but it definitely just feels like a starting point for something much bigger. Though I really wish LEGO had included extra bricks to allow you to change sides. Maybe the Dragon Kingdom aren’t the aggressors but have been invaded by the self-righteous Lion Kingdom? Or maybe I’m over complicating a battle between good and evil. Either way, this is a great $20 set that leaves you wanted more for an even bigger battle.


Written by jestergoblin

April 13th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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