LEGO Ninjago Review: Ice Dragon Attack 2260

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Ninjago doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It feels like three random lines that LEGO just kind of shoved together in hopes that some part of it would stick. Ninjas fighting the undead is a concept I can get behind. Ninjas fighting undead who drive ATVs and motorcycles, that’s a bit odd. Ninjas fighting undead who ride ATVs and motorcycles and battle by standing on tops? LEGO is messing with us, right?

Zane flies into the perilous realm of the underworld to recapture the stolen shurikens of ice from the skeleton army. Suddenly, Krazi appears out of the darkness and he has a different plan! Blast him with the Ice Dragon’s frozen breath before he gets away with the treasure!

It may seem odd given my adoration for jesters that I find clowns absolutely repulsive. I never had some traumatic experience (that I recall at least) involving a clown, but this LEGO skeleton creeps me out. Krazi (oh LEGO and you’re hilarious name misspellings) is the skeleton of lightning, which I guess is why his sash is blue. From the neck down, he’s a lot like Bonezai and Frakjaw. The new skeleton wearing boots look is fine and makes sense for the style.

But the skull is what terrifies me. The sunken red eyes and fragmented teeth grinning look great, but the subtle clown makeup turns Krazi into a creature of nightmares. The ever so slight star shapes around the eyes and the horribly applied red “smile” make me afraid to go to sleep at night. On his head is a red and blue jester’s cap that looks amazing though.

For a weapon, Krazi comes with the Shuriken of Ice! Cast in gold, these spiked triangles look pretty cool. Three of them are included in the set and make me want to track down the rest of the golden weaponry.

Rounding out my set of multicolored ninja is Zane, the White Ninja of Ice. But this isn’t just any Zane, it’s Zane DX which I think means he’s morphed or something. To show he’s DX, Zane’s white garb has a golden dragon spewing icicles on his chest that runs down to his leg. In an even weirder choice, Zane’s back has his name on it and a gold star that kind of looks like a lion head.

Zane’s face is the most plain of the four ninja with him just looking angry. No cool scars or quirks, just a normal looking guy that would be at home in any LEGO setting. For accessories, the standard ninja mask piece is cast in white revealing only Zane’s eyes and has a clip on the back for his weapon, a black katana.

But the big build of the set is the Ice Dragon! Summoned by Zane to recover the legendary shuriken from Krazi, the Ice Dragon is an impressive build. Taking a page from LEGO’s Bionicle line, the dragon is made up of many different Technic parts and pieces giving it a surprising amount of articulation. Both wings swivel near the body and hinge near the base. The three segments move back and forth and each of the claws are articulated as well. For the legs the hips and knees are ball jointed along with the neck.

The whole design is a pleasant cross between Eastern and Western dragon designs. The head is a specialty piece that’s painted with the blue, white and orange colors and hides a launcher to fire what may be the oddest LEGO piece I’ve ever seen – a translucent blue sphere! By squeezing on the dragon’s snout, it launches out.

The body is an interesting design of translucent blue crystal pieces that give the dragon a very unique look but the shade of blue feels too dark for the rest of the design.

Three items are attached to the dragon to show Zane has control of it – two chain harnesses and a flag. The chains plug into the side of the dragon’s head, while the ornate flag stand plugs into the dragon’s back. I have no idea what the flag says but it looks cool.

I was at the right age when LEGO was struggling to find a new niche for their toys. I was never a huge fan of the Throwbots or the RoboRiders which were the precursors the Bionicle line which has now been replaced with Hero Factory, but this Ice Dragon shows just how far LEGO has come since I last dipped my toes in the LEGO action figure world. This is a fine set, but I’m still confused as to why Zane needs his name on the back of his costume. Or why he even has a different costume.

LEGO Ninjago
Ninja Training Outpost 2516
with Cole, the Black Ninja
Ninja Ambush 2258
with Kai, the Red Ninja and Bonezai

Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set
with Jay, the Blue Ninja and Frakjaw
Ice Dragon Attack
with Zane DX, the White Ninja and Krazi

Written by jestergoblin

April 15th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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