LEGO Space Police III Review: Smash ‘n’ Grab #5982

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The LEGO Space Police line is a fascinating tale of a story continuing far past when it should with little hints of just how sweeping it may actually be. But even if it is a generational tale, it’s still about intergalactic policemen. Maybe that’s why I liked the LEGO UFO line so much, there weren’t any humans in it so I could have them arrive at any point in the LEGO-verse to battle pirates and knights or spacemen.

Priority one to all Space Police units in Galaxy City! Squidtron has just smashed into the Space Bank and stolen an asteroid ATM – asteroid and all! It’s up to the Space Police commando to stop the space-crook before he gets away in his custom ram-raider vehicle, complete with dual firing plasma cannons, a spiked ramming grill and a heavy lifting crane for escaping with the loot!

The Space Police commando last showed up in the Raid VPR and absolutely nothing has changed this time around. He’s still wearing the dark gray armored suit that looks excellent. The armor padding and emblems all are perfectly painted which really makes me adore LEGO, could you image if Mattel tried to make interlocking toys given their current quality control?

The commando’s head is dual sided with high cheekbones and a raised eyebrow (seriously, he’d be a perfect Tek Jansen) while the other side is him yelling about something. For accessories, he comes with a freeze ray, black air tank and a dark gray helmet with a red visor that doesn’t move.

Squidtron looks an awful lot like Squidman, but he should – because he made him! A robot originally designed to be a copy of Squidman ended up being like the time Calvin cloned himself, he realized he’s a jerk. So Squidtron ran off to commit intergalactic crimes. I don’t know why a robot would need to steal though.

Squidtron’s head is light gray with bulbous yellow eyes and a mess of painted on purple scales. He’s wearing a leather jumpsuit with red details, including a red eye. His legs are taken from Rench and don’t look quite as good on him. The belt chain and kneepads don’t exactly make sense for a robot after all.

Squidtron’s pimped out space-tow-truck looks pretty neat and makes ample use of the color purple. A single passenger cab is accessible by removing the roof, but the front of the vehicle looks terrifying. Headlights that might be lasers, blades that could impale a policeman or a grate to knock most threats out of the way, I don’t’ know how the commando expects to take this down himself.

Twin engines in the back are huge with large intakes and adjustable flaps. The crane in the back is covered in spikes and a sticker reading “MAX 250.000 $,” so I guess he actually tows on weekends. The rods in the back can be pushed to fire the plasma headlights. For weaponry, the tow truck comes with a photon blaster (it looks just like a freeze ray only with a yellow-green gem) and a LEGO wrench. I’ve come to love LEGO wrenches after learning the flat end can be used to remove plate bricks!

Squidtron couldn’t figure out how to rob the Asteroid Bank ATM, so he did the next best thing – taking the entire ATM! I don’t know if this is just floating in space or if Squidtron just ripped it from the wall, but the ATM is encased in an asymmetrical brown design. A flap in the back reveals two 100$ space bills. A hoop on the top allows it to be grabbed by the crane on the truck.

Several stickers need to be applied to the set which is a shame. The flames on the hood, the stripe on the roof, the crane warning, the ATM sign and even the ATM console are all stickers! That seems a bit unnecessary.

I ended up getting this set after Christmas on a super discount, like $8. At that price, it’s a steal. While it originally retailed for $20, it isn’t a bad set but only getting a vehicle and two figures feels a touch light. And really, this looks a lot like a pod racer. If you like aliens, space police and stealing ATMs though, it’s a great set to grab.

Written by jestergoblin

April 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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