LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Hazmat Guy Review (8804)

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I love this little figure and I certainly hope some self-righteous group doesn’t try to get this figure off the shelves for being insensitive based on current events in Japan.

“This is a job for the Hazmat Guy! Er, do you smell something funny?”

When you’ve got a bad case of mysterious glowing goo in your city, the hard-working Hazmat Guy is just the fellow to call. Whether the job involves searching the sewers for mutant sludge or cleaning up after giant radioactive chickens from outer space, he’s always ready to put on his airtight protective suit, grab his hi-tech equipment, and make the streets safe and tidy once more.

Of course, when you get sent into dangerous situations to handle hazardous materials every day, you’re bound to get a little jittery. Although he never backs away from an emergency, the Hazmat Guy is always nervous that this is the one time his gear won’t work. After all, with all of the crazy substances he’s been exposed to, it’s a wonder he hasn’t grown an extra face on the other side of his head!

As part of the generation that grew up on the Simpsons, seeing a guy in a radioactive suit is hardly anything new. Homer always wore one (at least in during the theme song) and I’m pretty sure Moltar from Space Ghost did too.

Wearing a macaroni and cheese colored jumpsuit; most of the Hazmat Guy gets his look from the color of the plastic. The black hands and waist work fine for breaking up the color, while his torso has some minor detailing with a radiation symbol on the chest and a belt that shows the folds in his outfit.

The face is great with a furrowed brow and a terrified looking expression. It’s probably not the look you want for a guy dealing with radiation, but in the LEGO world if this guy shows up, bad things have probably happened. The head is great too in any LEGO world where someone needs to look scared. My only complaint is that the head isn’t double sided so there’s no confident expression.

The new headgear and accessory hybrid reminds me a lot of the old Aquanauts gear. Cast in the same orange plastic as the figure, the suit goes over and head and bulks up the torso giving the appearance of a larger suit. The clear visor can’t be removed, which is probably a good thing and the radiation symbol is painted on the chest. The back of the suit has a fan and a stud where his other accessory plugs in. A radiation detector could also be a ray gun and has a hose that plugs into the suit. Hazmat Guy also has a black display stand.

I love how much of a story this guy tells through the face. He isn’t the hero by any stretch of the imagination; he’s the guy who will get bitten in a zombie outbreak or be forced against his will to make first contact with some aliens. Sure, I wish his head had two faces on it, but that’s just being greedy.

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Written by jestergoblin

April 6th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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