LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Punk Rocker Review (8804)

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I don’t know how it’s even possible that LEGO managed to get to the year 2011 before releasing a guitar in scale with a LEGO figure. It seems like such a no brainer that could work in any City line. But they finally did, and it rocks.


The Punk Rocker never goes anywhere without his favorite electric guitar, and as long as that guitar is in his hands, you can be sure that he’ll be rocking up a storm…and waking up everybody in the neighborhood while he’s at it.

There are all kinds of legends about the noisy Punk Rocker. Some say that he used to be shy and quiet until he got hit by a bolt of lightning one day. Some say that he’s sworn never to stop rocking until his music has created world peace. But whatever you may believe, one thing that everybody has to agree on is that the Punk Rocker is very, very, very LOUD!

Someone at LEGO must be a fan of punk rock because this figure is just oozing it. The Punk Rocker’s torso is black but painted up with stylized skulls and flowers and tatters around his neck. His legs though almost put the Rapper to shame. The waist is a studded belt with an off-center seatbelt buckle clip. On his legs, a wallet chain is visible and two rips are patched together with safety pins. Now, that is detail.

Punk Rocker’s face is new and looks great, like he’s in the middle of a chorus. Mouth wide open and his eyebrows askew, it’s made even better by the hair. A bright pink Mohawk is perched atop his head! It’s perfectly executed so it just fits the peg on the head and looks seamless.

For an accessory, Punk Rocker comes with a Flying V electric guitar. A brand new piece cast in black plastic, the sculpt isn’t nearly as simple as it looks once you realize everything BUT the strings are sculpted as well as painted! The neck is the standard rod size so any figure can easily grasp it. He also comes with a display stand.

So much about this single figure is awesome. The punk designs on his pants and chest look great, the Mohawk is a fantastically absurd addition, and even the head looks great. But what is really most exciting is the fact that there is now a LEGO guitar, and I just hope they soon make an acoustic version too.

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Written by jestergoblin

April 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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