LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Hockey Player Review (8804)

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The collectible minifigures line seems to be the place for LEGO to produce various sports-related figures which makes a lot of sense. When LEGO tried doing sports in the past, they made some awkward smaller sets that seemed to serve no real purpose and this way if someone just wants a Hockey Player, they can get one!


Raised by wild wolves out on the frozen tundra until he was discovered by a traveling sports agent, the Hockey Player quickly proved to have a natural talent at the fierce and fast-paced sport of ice hockey. Whether he’s chasing the puck across the rink or guarding his team’s home goal, he’s dedicated to one thing and one thing alone: winning the game!

No one’s faster or tougher on the ice than this ferocious fellow, and no one’s more loyal to his team, either. Rival players have learned not to get too close to the Hockey Player when he’s ‘in the zone.’ Why’s that? Let’s just say that the cage on his helmet isn’t only for his own protection!

I’ll be honest, aside from a few Portland Pirates’ games when I was younger, all of my experience with hockey comes from Casey Jones so this wasn’t a figure I was clamoring to get for myself. But now that I got him, he’s definitely growing on me.

Cast mostly in navy blue with the exception of his black hands, the Hockey Player looks pretty good. The only paint applications on his body are the white stripes on his legs for padding. His head is concentrating, like he’s trying to figure out his next shot. The head looks great and would be right at home in any LEGO universe too.

Accessories are where the Hockey Player really excels though because he has six of them! The black display stand isn’t terribly exciting, but still present. His cage helmet seems to be all new. The design is similar to the Pilot’s helmet but smooth and the cage faceplate is hinged. Sadly, LEGO missed a chance to provide the classic horror hockey mask here! For padding, a new torso cover was made that is like a smooth Samurai armor. Cast in navy and painted with a white wolf emblem and white padding on the back, it looks good and would be perfect for some post-apocalyptic LEGO figure.

On his feet, the Hockey Player is sporting the latest LEGO footwear: ice skates! Skaters were present in the Holiday Winter Bakery, but were little more than pointy bricks. Here though they’re fantastic gray pieces that plug into the soles and look great. To actually play hockey, he comes with a white hockey stick (another all-new LEGO piece) and a single round, black stud to act like the puck. It’s certainly better executed than the ball-less Soccer Player!

While as a Hockey Player, I don’t find this figure terribly exciting, I can’t help but be impressed at how well made this guy is. He’s clearly a labor of LEGO love and part of me really thinks his colors and wolf are a reference to UCONN’s Huskies.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4 (8804)
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Written by jestergoblin

April 18th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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