LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Viking Review (8804)

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I think the reason I adore LEGO Vikings so much (besides the fact that I missed out on them the first time around) is simply that they’re perfect either in the world of LEGO Pirates or LEGO Castle! But I ended up breaking down and buying an entire army of Vikings before LEGO announced they’d be returning.

“There are monsters everywhere, and I’m just the Viking to fight them!”

Raised on heroic ballads of sea serpents, forest trolls and fire-breathing dragons, the fearless Viking sees monsters everywhere – and the most important thing he knows about monsters is that when a Viking sees one, he’s got to fight it!

With axe and shield in hand, the Viking happily plunges into battle like a shouting whirlwind of clattering, clashing leather and iron. He’s ready to take on any monster he spots, and it can take some explaining to get him to understand that plenty of monsters aren’t really all that bad!

If you owned any of the older Viking sets, there isn’t much to say about this figure besides the fact that he’s awesome! In just a few years, LEGO is really upping the ante on their minifigures and this Viking shows it. Wearing a fur vest over silver chainmail with fur lined boots over his tan leggings; the Viking is much more detailed than his past versions.

The face is great too with him grimacing or growling. His eyes are dark and focused, with the left one twitching like the Spartan. His busy red beard and eyebrows add some color and the scar on his left eyebrow adds an abundance of character – this guy has experience!

For accessories, the Viking comes with the black display stand and a full armory. His helm is silver with golden horns; it looks great but has issue staying attached to the head. For weapons, he has a battle axe which is actually two pieces: a short rod and silver axe head. His shield is the same as the Spartan’s, but in dark brown and painted with ornate twists and two stylized dragons.

As a minifigure, this guy is just about perfect. If the helmet stayed put, he would be absolutely perfect. But for people who missed out on the Viking line the first time around, he’s a fantastic addition to ANY LEGO universe whether that be the high seas, raiding a village or in an intergalactic coliseum.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4 (8804)
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Written by jestergoblin

April 16th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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