Transformers Robot Heroes Review: Desert Devastation

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The idea of robots combining to create an even bigger one has existed my entire life. Voltron was made up of smaller cats in space, the Power Rangers doing it later on with dinosaurs and of course Devastator in Transformers.

Deep in the Egyptian desert, the final, gigantic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons begins! The giant warrior Constructicon Devastator attacks, destroying everything in his path. It’s up to the Autobot twins and their human ally to stop him!

The Robot Heroes scale doesn’t exactly work well with other Hasbro Heroes and this pack really shows that off. Like Sam Witwicky, Captain William Lennox should be the size of a Combat Hero. He’d be perfect for it – generically military, holding a gun and a walkie-talkie. But instead, he’s tiny.

Under and inch and a half tall, Captain Lennox doesn’t do much and is essentially immobile. He moves at the neck, but his freakish face and overly stylized weaponry make me think he’s a midget. I mean, this is a guy with the nickname “Wild Bill” – he’d be perfect for a G.I. Joe crossover! But no, Hasbro instead just makes a figure that looks bad and doesn’t do much. At least Devastator can crush him.

The twins, Skids and Mudflap, return in this set as well. In their non-ice cream truck alternate modes they keep that awkward design of kind of looking like they belong in Cars. Skids is metallic lime green and a close approximation to the Chevrolet Beat concept car – furthering the whole thing about being a robot in disguise not being true.

Riding on a cloud of brown dust (which actually makes sense since this is in a desert), Skids is okay. I really dislike the entire concept of toy cars that are a single chunk of plastic. At least he has an Autobot insignia on his license plate, like some super awkward tramp stamp.

Mudflap is metallic brick red and charcoal as a Chevrolet Trax, which is like a tiny SUV I guess. Mudflap really takes the animated car look by giving himself headlight eyes while his “pose” reminds me of a cat about to pounce. They just feel way too cartoony.

Unarticulated and with a pile of dust and dirt in the back, Mudflap is about as exciting as his twin: not at all.

The big draw, and to be honest the only draw, of this set is the Construction Devastator. A mega figure about the same size as The Fallen, Devastator is made up of a bunch of different Constructicons. How many is up for debate since the movie was vague on that but Mixmaster, Longhaul, Rampage and Demolisher/Scavenger are all in there somewhere. But because of the paint, you won’t be able to tell.

An amalgam of smaller Transformers, Devastator reminds me a lot of Nano from TMNT: asymmetrical and lumbering. The design though is easily one of the more interesting ones. His fingers are bulldozers and backhoes while his legs are treads. Large tubes are on his back and his massive head is low in his chest, mouth agape. His back has a giant opening that looks like a turbine.

Articulation is practically non-existent. His head is a joint but refuses to move, while his right shoulder only gets about 45 degrees. His left shoulder is slightly better and can turn all the way around. No waist, no legs, or even wrists.

The paint is colorful and kind of messy but makes sense given the simple fact that he’s made up of a bunch of vehicles. The yellow, green, red and oranges all contrast but still manage to work even if they aren’t screen accurate at all really. The lime eyes look appropriately alien though.

For a backdrop, the packaging includes a construction site near the Pyramids. It’s decent but not the best design ever. It would be great for Apocalypse to battle the X-Men though.

Originally this pack sold for around $20 and it’s definitely not worth that. Captain Lennox looks atrocious and is a worthless little figure. Skids and Mudflap are boring as can be and aren’t even good toys. Devastator though is the best thing about this set and if you can find it for under $10, he’s probably worth that alone. If you like this scale and just want a giant robot to attack people, you could do much worse.

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Written by jestergoblin

April 23rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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