Imaginext Super Friends Review: The Joker

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My Imaginext collection is kind of weird for one major reason: I don’t have any heroes! After missing out on Batman, I’m stuck with just a tag team of Mr. Freeze and the Joker running around and causing mayhem for the Ninja Turtle Mini Mutants to deal with.

This version of Joker isn’t the dark and twisted crowned prince of crime that’s become common place since The Dark Knight; this is how the Joker used to be – before he was a homicidal murderer! This version reminds of me Super Friends crossed with Cesar Romero as the Joker. He’s quirky, garish and not the least bit threatening.

Standing just over 2 and a half inches, Joker is just about the same height as Mr. Freeze. He’s wearing his classic purple suit with an orange vest and green bowtie. His hands are white, either matching his face or are gloves, while his awkwardly grinning face looks kind of weird – like a concerned Ronald McDonald. The overall look is cartoon and works well for the style of the line.

Articulation is minimal with the Joker having ball jointed shoulders, a t-crotch that connects the leg and maybe some neck articulation. I can’t quite tell and his collar prevents it from moving much. So he basically just has arms and legs that move together. It’s not an awful amount of articulation and it gets the job done.

Instead of giving Mr. J a useful accessory like his giant green hammer or a toy gun, Fischer-Price went a different route and made a cross between Mr. Freeze’s mask and a giant pinching claw. The claw is spring loaded and snaps closed. Some green tubes connect it to a transparent plastic bubble that fits over Joker’s head that just looks weird. If it wasn’t connected to the tubes, it would work fine but as it stands, it’s near impossible for Joker to hold and throws him way off balance. If I were a kid, it would be broken in a matter of hours.

Like Mr. Freeze, I got this figure on clearance for only $2 and that’s a steal. With toy prices being what they are, getting a cheap figure that’s solid isn’t bad. The sculpt is cartoony but works and while the accessory is kind of odd, at least it’s got play value. Now I just need a Batman for these guys to fight.

Written by jestergoblin

May 4th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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