Imaginext DC Super Friends Review: Mr. Freeze

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With the announcement of the reinvention of Galactic Heroes into a line more like Imaginext, I figured I should pick up a few of them (especially after Newton Gimmick grabbed some). And knowing that these guys keep showing up every holiday in different packaging, I waited until the day after Easter to grab them. Turns out I waited a tiny bit too long and was only able to grab two of them.

Nowadays, Mr. Freeze is a staple in the Batman rogue gallery but that wasn’t always the case. Until Batman: the Animated Series, Victor Fries was just a generic bad guy with a cold theme. But after the fantastic work of Paul Dini, Mr. Freeze was turned into a tragic character with actual motivations!

The Imaginext figure takes the now-classic elements of Mr. Freeze and combines them into a design that isn’t over the top or one specific style but is immediately recognizable as the cold hearted villain. All the figures seem to follow the same style with the figure standing upright around 3 inches, elbows slightly bent and flat on his feet. Articulation isn’t terribly exciting, but these guys aren’t made to be so. Mr. Freeze moves at the shoulders (ball joints) and has a t-crotch where both his legs are connected.

Mr. Freeze’s head is encased in a slightly-yellowing plastic cover that isn’t removable. His bright red eyes kind of look like glasses and his features are visible, like his ears, eyebrows and nose. His shoulder pads block his arms from moving much, but that’s okay too since Freeze was never a limber character.

The rest of the suit is pretty standard, the gloves are dark purple and match his oversized boots that kind of look like ski boots. Some random light blue accents add some needed color. The rest of him is the same dull shade of gray. The paint applications are passable and fine for a toy of this caliber.

As a single figure in the Easter assortment, Mr. Freeze only gets a single accessory – his freeze gun! Cast in translucent aquamarine rubber, it’s flexible enough to work. A coat of white paint kind of makes it look “frosted” and some gray touches are thrown in. The overall design is decent with a backpack that plugs into Mr. Freeze and a hose connecting to the vaguely futuristic gun.

These figures are slightly larger than my preferred scale but I was able to grab this guy for only $2. In a world where a 6-inch licensed brand is now pushing $20, this is a pretty good deal. They’re small, sturdy and a great way to introduce a younger generation to DC Comics – something I’m a big supporter of. Plus, they’re the same scale as the TMNT Mini Mutants so I can have Donatello fight Mr. Freeze!

Written by jestergoblin

April 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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