LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review: Fountain of Youth #4192

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With LEGO Pirates being turned into LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, they really made sure that the sets still work in the regular LEGO universe. The Captain’s Cabin provided some amazing bricks and accessories, and the Isla de Muerta was a fantastic cavern. With the Fountain of Youth, this might be screen accurate or it could be horribly off, I don’t know or care because it works so well!

The race is on for the legendary spring of eternal life! Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Blackbeard clash cutlasses as they fight to be the first to taste the magical waters. Will Captain Jack Sparrow get to the Fountain of Youth first?

Continuing the trend of including four figures in this size set, this set brings Jack Sparrow back as always. A repack of the figure in the Captain’s Cabin, Jack still looks great. The ornate painting on his torso and legs has real depth. His hair piece looks great too, but it’s all stuff I’ve seen before.

Jack’s head is double sided with one expression being stern and the other looking surprised or afraid. For accessories, he comes with his cutlass and compass-tile again too.

Hector Barbossa is back, but he isn’t in his pirate or cursed form, he’s a privateer! Equal parts pirate and merchant, privateers were given permission by the King to control the seas. But Barbossa seems to be doing worse off now that he’s cleaned up his act: he’s missing a leg!

Utilizing the classic peg leg minifigure legs, Barbossa looks like he’s had it rough but is trying to clean up. His torso is a beautiful navy with golden trim and white gloves. Across his chest runs the new sheath piece. His face is the same as before, but his head is topped off with a newer hat! A classic LEGO pirate hat, it too has golden trim. For accessories, Barbossa comes with a cutlass and a circular map to the Fountain of Youth.

The third pirate captain in the set is Blackbeard himself! I’m guessing he’s the main bad guy in the fourth film, but that doesn’t matter because he’s an excellent looking pirate! His outfit is normally covered by his majestic beard that would make any dwarf jealous, but his torso is beautifully decorated with gold and silver details. His hat is brand new too and painted as well with a square pattern.

Underneath the beard is a standard “evil guy with black facial hair” LEGO paint scheme that works well. It reminds me a bit of Setam in the Prince of Persia line. The muttonchops are quite impressive. For a weapon, Blackbeard gets a customized cutlass that’s much larger than normal. The hilt is golden and the blade is massive, it looks like the kind of weapon a video game boss would have.

The final figure is a LEGO skeleton. His head is the standard cartoony one but his arms are the long, slightly bent ones like the Fantasy undead. A fine skeleton, but the arms seem a touch too long for LEGO proportions.

To enter the Fountain of Youth, an aquatic entrance is included. The overall aesthetic reminds me of the second wave of LEGO Atlantis with the large, worn columns and vines hanging down. The archway is large and the color scheme works well.

To create a waterfall, a plastic sheet is included that breaks into three sections to allow figures to walk through it. It’s a decent attempt and probably the best LEGO could do short of making a bunch of LEGO chains.

The Fountain of Youth is a relatively simple build but it works so well. A tiered base of greens and tans gives the illusion of mossy stone that reveals a magnificent fountain. With a base of round, bright blue bricks leading up to half a green boulder, it does an amazing job looking fluid. The blue flames on the side worth as either smaller jets or some mystical flames. Two golden goblets are included for the pirates to fight over to drink from the Fountain of Youth.

Like the Isla de Muerta, this set offers a great amount of play value. Three pirates all armed and ready along with two nicely done set pieces makes for a solid build. It feels a touch light, like maybe the inclusion of a boat would have helped, but there’s something strangely fitting about having a skeleton at the Fountain of Youth.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

The Captain’s Cabin
with Jack Sparrow, Gunner Zombie & Yeoman Zombie
Isla de Muerta
with Cursed Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, Cursed Barbossa & Elizabeth Swan
Fountain of Youth
with Jack Sparrow, Privateer Barbossa, Captain Blackbeard & a skeleton

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