LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review: The Captain’s Cabin #4191

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A lot of people now scoff at the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but the first movie was so unbelievable good. Like, I don’t even know how a movie based on a ride that came out the same weekend at League of Extraordinary Gentlemen managed to be good. So while the second two movies were iffy and the fourth one I could care less about, that doesn’t change the simple fact that I love LEGO Pirates!

Grab the ship-in-a-bottle before you’re turned into fish bait! In the dead of night, Captain Jack Sparrow sneaks into the cabin of a fearsome pirate captain to steal the treasured ship-in-a-bottle. Can Jack Sparrow get his hands on this piece-of-eight? Or will the henchmen, hiding in the shadows, teach him a lesson?

The smallest of the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets, Captain’s Cabin includes a decent assortment of parts, pieces and figures. First up is Captain Jack Sparrow! I’m sure he’ll end up being included in every single pack if Harry Potter and Prince of Persia are any indication, but right now he’s new to me. Boasting some very impressive paint applications showing off his layered look of a navy vest over a linen shirt with straps and belts covering his torso, Jack looks like a pirate.

His double-sided head doesn’t really look like Johnny Depp but I don’t think very many LEGO figures look like actors. The high cheeks and facial hair work well. One side is Jack being calm and collected while the other is over the top scared. It works well and his new hairpiece covers it. The hair is long with a red bandana painted on and looks good.

The other two figures are undead members of Blackbeard’s zombie crew aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge. The first is the Gunner, a shirtless black guy. His torso has a broad strap across the chest while his skin is covered in squeamish blue markings. The face is creepy, missing an eye and having a mouth stitched shut. More zombies, pirates or not, are a good thing in my book! He also has a new-to-me accessory of a sash that goes over the shoulder to holster a sword.

The other zombie is the Yeoman. His skin tone is tan and he’s wearing a red, torn vest and leather gloves. His head is double-sided with one showing a grimacing undead face while the other is calm. To hide his extra face, his hair is identical to Lucius Malfoy’s but in black.

Weaponry abounds with three cutlasses and a flint pistol being included in the set. Jack also comes with a small tile with his compass painted on it.

The Captain’s Cabin is made up of three different accessories. First is the old-timey globe on a four legged stand. The look is great with it only being black, brown and gold. The globe is mostly accurate but New Zealand looks massive and Greenland is missing entirely. As an accessory, it would be fine either on a pirate ship, in an office or even deep in a wizard’s lair.

The table is delightfully macabre. The top is just flat and has a circular map, a golden goblet and a torch on it. But the bottom is a golden wheel supported by four skeleton legs! How twisted, it would be perfect inside Borgin & Burke’s. I love that LEGO is expanding their skeleton pieces beyond just the undead.

The final piece is an ornate shelf made of wood and gold. Decorated with three long bones and a skull on the top, it’s twisted as can be and rather simple. Still, it makes for excellent set dressing in any LEGO universe. The shelves each support a clear LEGO bottle that has a black sailboat painted on it to create the illusion of a ship in a bottle. They’re excellently designed and I wouldn’t mind a few more of them for my collection. The bottles are almost as good at the scientist’s flask.

A card is included with a webcode on the back that I haven’t tried out yet. For extra pieces, this set includes a spare cutlass (always appreciated), a second compass for Jack, a golden nub, two slated tiles and a short flame.

This is the smallest of the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets but it still retails for $12. Given the price of the collectible minifigures now being $3 each, this isn’t a bad deal. The builds are easy but look fantastic and are fitting in many LEGO worlds. As for the minifigures, Jack is going to keep showing up again and again but getting two pirate zombies is a nice treat. This isn’t a rush out and buy, but if you just want a LEGO Jack Sparrow, this is the cheapest way to get it.

Written by jestergoblin

May 1st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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