LEGO Space Police III Review: Lunar Limo #5984

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This set has been sitting on my dresser for almost six months now! At Christmas, my aunt usually gives me gift cards or a check with one catch – I have to spend it on something fun. This year though she made it abundantly clear and told me to spend it on LEGO sets. She said how she had been shopping for a local toy drive and walked upon the LEGO aisle and knew that the 8-year old version of me would have loved them. Turns out the twenty-five version of me loves them just as much.

Brick Daddy runs his criminal crew from the luxury of his stretched-out space limo driven by Jawson. Equipped with super-cool space weapons and an escape pod, in case Brick Daddy and his gang need to make a fast get-away! Brick Daddy is one tough crook to catch…good thing the Space Police commandos are up into the space chase!

The Lunar Limo comes with three minifigures. First up is the most boring – the Space Police Commando. From the neck down, he’s nothing new. The dark gray armor, the padding, the emblem are all there and still look perfect. Even his accessories are nothing new with an air tank, a freeze gun and a helmet with red visor.

The head isn’t new and is double sided. One side is a calm and confident while the other side is one of a man screaming his head off. It’s the same one as the Lion soldier the Dragon Knight took prisoner.

The escaped alien convict is Jawson – the alien shark! Jawson would be right at home in LEGO Atlantis with his freakish, spiked head. The head works well since it dips so low that he really doesn’t look like a human wearing a mask.

Jawson is so freshly escaped that he’s still wearing his orange prison uniform! Patched up and frayed, a file is still stuck in his pocket. I don’t know what kind of prison still uses metal bars in space, but it’s a nice touch. He also has numbers and barcodes on his clothes for identification.

The real draw of this set is Brick Daddy – the intergalactic alien pimp! I don’t know how LEGO got this passed for production (but I also don’t know how they made a set that has a bed next to a rack with a whip and handcuffs), but that makes him that much better. Brick Daddy’s suit is bright purple with zebra trim. His golden necklace with his own likeness is strung across his chest.

Brick Daddy’s head is a new sculpt and glows in the dark! It’s low set with large fangs and sunken red eyes like a mutated skull. To top it off, he’s wearing a purple pimp hat! Looking to make a more human looking pimp – toss on the Rapper head and you’re good to go!

Brick Daddy’s “escape craft” is little more than a chain gun with handlebars. Made up of only 11 pieces, it’s simple but looks amazing because of one little thing: using binoculars for barrels. It’s genius reuse and looks phenomenal. Some builder at LEGO deserves a raise!

The big build of the set is truly massive with the Lunar Limo measuring over 14 inches from tail to tip. My photo studio is only a foot by a foot! The black and purple motif match perfectly with Brick Daddy’s attire, giving the whole unit some nice consistency. The front end is full of little surprises too.

The hood ornament is a golden replica of Brick Daddy’s head and the grill actually conceals a LEGO spring launcher that really fires out a missile. None of that sissy flicking technology, this thing moves. The engine is partially exposed and also golden and makes genius use of goblets for the intake.

The cabin isn’t too roomy, just enough space for Jawson to drive while Brick Daddy can fit in with his chain gun vehicle. The windows are tinted yellow, for privacy and the lining of the inside is red making it appropriately gaudy. But there are even bricks acting as side view mirrors!

The trunk deserves a special mention for one single reason: a whole LEGO figure can fit in it! Intentional? I really hope so because the idea that a pimp can fit a corpse in his trunk is delightfully macabre.

Attached to the sides are two thrusters and a pair of wings. It all looks great with a strong color motif. The wings are connected via Technic parts and still have indentations on the body as if there were wheels. So if you wanted to, you could remove the wings and place six wheels to make it just a limo.

Originally, this set retailed for $40. At that price, it’s probably a tiny bit over priced. Sure, Brick Daddy is a stellar figure and the Lunar Limo looks great but I snagged this on Christmas clearance when it was only $16. At that price, this is an absolute must buy. Since then though, I’ve started moving away from space LEGO sets and have been sticking to medieval ones, but if you want a space pimp: track this set down.

Written by jestergoblin

May 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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