LEGO Alien Conquest Review: Space Alien Defender #7050

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With the first Alien Striker set picked up, I figured I might as well just grab another one. After all, one alien is just stranded but a pair of them could be the beginnings on an invasion!

The alien defense unit soldier is patrolling the city in his swift scout vehicle when an alien invader whizzes by on his spaced-out mini hover bike. Nab the invader with the scout vehicle’s rotating anti-UFO laser and 2 flick missiles! He won’t make it past the fully armed alien defense unit this time.

The second alien invader looks pretty similar at first glance to his kin, but the two are certainly unique. Wearing the same black and maroon bodysuit, this one is covered in odd electronics and hoses. The head is all new too with an elongated skull that gives the impression this little alien invader is hunchbacked.

His large black eyes look out to each side while his fangs jut out from his lower lip. His brain lines are exposed on the top of his head as well. For a weapon, he comes with a handheld ray gun in silver like the Spaceman. Maybe the Spaceman stole his technology from these guys?

The alien’s little vehicle is only a few bricks thrown together but works well. The front has twin lasers while the back has venom green spikes. It’s only 13 pieces but it still looks like a little alien glider which is impressive.

On the ground is Alien Defense Unit Marine. Wearing an identical uniform as the other figure, the only difference this time is the head. The armored suit looks great and the bulky helmet works well. The overall appearance reminds me of a Hazmat Guy who isn’t terrified.

The new double-sided head is of a guy wearing orange sunglasses. One face is him smiling calmly, like he’s posing for a picture post invasion. The other looks like he’s seen the most awful thing imaginable. Sadly, when he’s wearing his helmet it blocks his chin so you can’t really appreciate the look until the helmet is off.

The main build of this set is the Space Alien Defender. A cross being a mounted artillery wagon and a dune buggy, it’s in that weird realm of LEGO designs. Mostly blue and yellow with gray and orange details, the vehicle looks pretty good. The front is well done with vents and a weird technological windshield piece. A nice little touch is that LEGO pistols are placed to act as shocks for the wheels.

The cockpit has two side panels, both stickers you apply yourself, and twin levers for driving. I’m not sure how you would drive a four-wheel with levers, but it looks cooler than the old LEGO steering wheels.

The back section is where all the action is with twin ion blasters and two flick missiles. The ion blasters are the new gun pieces with bricks on the nozzle; they look great and are adjustable up and down. The twin flick missiles aren’t bad, but I tend to keep them in place because they aren’t that good at firing. The back of the vehicle has a license plate P-A7-70N, probably a reference to Michael Patton who worked at LEGO.

Oddly, this set is twice the price of the Alien Striker and I’m not sure it has twice the value. It’s still only two minifigures and two vehicles. It’s a decent set and has high playability, but why not just include a second ADU marine or alien to really make this set worth while? But when you get both sets together, they’re fantastic for a little alien invasion.

Written by jestergoblin

May 7th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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