LEGO Star Wars Review: Empire Strikes Back Magnets

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I think every single toy I’ve reviewed on this site have been either presents or figures I purchased on my own. This is an exception, since the set actually belongs to my roommate. But everyone just assumes these are mine when they see them on the fridge with our Mega Man 8-bit magnets.

This Star Wars Magnet 3-Pack has no name beyond its number, but to me it just screams “Return of the Jedi” given the simple fact that it includes Slave Leia, Boba Fett and an Imperial Guard.  But even without a name, this set does wonders for the LEGO Star Wars fan on a budget.

At its core, this is just three minifigures and three magnetic display stands – that’s it! The display stands are all cast in dark gray that resemble the standard 2×4 bricks when a figure is placed on them. To allow the figure to stand, the back has a circular part that plugs into the figures’ legs. It’s simple, it’s genius and well executed.

Boba Fett is in his “classic” LEGO design that has been simplified to work within the LEGO world. Of course, when compared to more recent minifigures, he looks a touch under done. No leg printing and just some paint on his chest. The chest is painted in the front to look like his armor with creases in the gray underneath as the fabric.

His head is solid black with no details, just like his brown and light gray waist. His helmet and jetpack are combined as a single piece that has minor paint on the T-visor face and silver accents on the side. It’s relatively simple but works really well. For a weapon, he comes with a blaster gun that looks really good. I think LEGO only uses them in the Star Wars line though.

Growing up, the Imperial Guard was the only Star Wars figure I had, so seeing that little red guy was bound to bring a smile to my face. Like Boba Fett, he’s surprisingly simple. His torso has a few dark red creases painted into it and that’s the only paint on the entire figure. The rest of him is just bright red, while his gloves and head are black.

The helmet works beautifully with the open visor that gives some fantastic depth. It also fits over his cape just fine and doesn’t pop off like some other figures. For a weapon, he only comes with a simple black spear.

The final figure didn’t translate into the LEGO-verse as well as most. If there is one thing LEGO can’t do quite right, it’s a girl in a bikini. The blocky form just makes them seem kind of off and Slave Leia is no exception. The peach toned skin with slightly darker shading doesn’t quite give the illusion of a female figure like it did on other ones.

Leia’s chainmail bikini top just looks weird but the biggest issue for me is a simple one: LEGO figures work when they’re yellow because they’re supposed to be a caricature of humans. Once the skin tone is made realistic, stuff gets weird. Leia’s neck looks awkward, her legs are huge and disproportionate and if there is one thing LEGO figures shouldn’t have, it’s a belly button.

Unlike the other two, she doesn’t come with a weapon on accessory. A small link of gold chain could have been really neat. Instead, she comes with the standard LEGO female hair in a ponytail.

For minifigure collectors, this is a great way to get some of the harder to find figures. Boba Fett is currently only available in the massive Slave I set for $80. Yeah, the price point is kind of high at $15 for the three figures but given how the Collectible Minifigures are currently $3 a piece, an extra six bucks for three really unique magnetic bricks seems like a decent deal and they’re a great quirky present for any Star Wars fan’s kitchen.


Written by jestergoblin

May 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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