DC Universe Super Friends Imaginext Review: Green Lantern Jet with Hawkman & Flash

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After grabbing the Joker and Mr. Freeze from the DC Super Friends Imaginext line, it didn’t feel right for one simple reason – I was lacking a hero! But with the upcoming Green Lantern movie, Mattel started repacking some older sets with a few extra bonuses. So while I wouldn’t have gotten a Green Lantern Jet by itself, tossing in two more figures made it an easy choice!

Imaginext Green Lantern Hal Jordan isn’t a bad figure, but there isn’t too much about him that excites me. His costume is accurate enough with white gloves, black sleeves and green details. His right hand has a green circle sculpted as a ring while his face has an armor-looking domino mask.

My biggest issue with Green Lantern though is the articulation. He moves at the legs, shoulders and neck. The legs are connected at a T-joint while his shoulders are ball joints – just ball joints, not ball and swivel. This means Hal can’t really aim his ring at anything. It wouldn’t be such a big deal except for the fact that the Flash has wrists!

As part of a bonus pack-in, this set also includes the two-pack of the Flash and Hawkman! Flash looks kind of off in this style with a far too bulky chest and awkwardly proportioned limbs, but the elements are there and there’s no mistaking the crimson hero. The face has a slight smirk but the head looks too small for the body as a whole, but that is just part of the style.

He’s cast in dark red plastic with yellow boots and lightning details that seems rather dark, but that’s beside the point. Articulation on the Flash is the same as Green Lantern, but for some unknown reason, he also has cut wrists! The one figure in this set that doesn’t have a use for them actually gets them, it doesn’t make any sense.

The other hero is the constantly reincarnated and walking continuity error, Hawkman! Stand just slightly taller than the other figures, Hawkman is an impressive looking figure that hits all the right beats. The bulky design, the hawk feet designs on his boots, the harness and armored chest all look amazing. His wings are surprisingly detailed and the helmet actually looks like a head would fit underneath it!

The paint work is decent, nothing too bad but nothing that will blow your mind. His hawk emblem on his chest is a nice little decal too. Hawkman has identical articulate to Hal Jordan. But there is one problem with Hawkman – he doesn’t come with his mace! The Flash and Hawkman two-pack included his iconic weapon, but this Hawkman is unarmed. But seeing how this set included two whole extra figures, it’s an acceptable sacrifice.

The vehicle in the pack is Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Jet. A construct made by Hal’s power ring, it makes sense to have Hal make a jet given his experience as a test pilot. The jet looks great being cast in translucent green with black details painted in. The whole ship is built like a handgun so a kid can easily hold it up for playing. There’s even a trigger on the handle!

Which doesn’t really do anything besides move some plastic inside the casing – even though there is a missile launcher. Another oddity with the vehicle is the fact that Hal can’t sit in the cockpit. He has to lay down to for it to close! Hawkman doesn’t fit at all and Flash only fits in upside down. Weird.

Three missiles are included and two of them can be stored under the wings. The missiles can also be held as weapons, so while Hawkman may be maceless, he can swing around a missile.

As a bonus, the pack includes a single DVD with an episode titled “The Joker’s Playhouse.” I haven’t watched it, but supposedly it does a decent job trying to mimic the old style.

At $13, this is a solid purchase. Providing three iconic members of the DC pantheon is a nice touch, especially since the Flash and Hawkman two-pack has gotten very hard to find. But there’s just something about the Imaginext Super Friends that makes me think no one is really thinking the line through. Flash gets wrists when Green Lantern and Hawkman don’t? It just doesn’t make any sense to a collector but for kids, this is a solid, super heroic purchase.

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May 12th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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