Wind-Up Dinosaur Puzzle Review: Glow in the Dark Velociraptor

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Not every single toy I buy is based off some epic intergalactic battle or iconography of the modern age. Like the other night when I stumbled into a Dollar Store with my girlfriend for no reason other than it was there. Then I saw this little guy and I knew I needed to have him.

The Velociraptor Wind-Up Dinosaur Puzzle Glows In The Dark is everything you want from a dollar store purchase. Awkward egg-shaped packaging that claims his price is $2.99 is pretty uneventful (though it does make him seem like a bargain for 66% off). I quickly ripped it apart to find four pieces that don’t really look anything like a Velociraptor.

A skull attached to a long neck, a massive bloated torso with attached arms and hips, the long pointy tail and the wind up box with legs – which I’m almost positive all the different dinosaurs came with. After some minor assembly that just involved fitting everything into the right holes, I was left with a vaguely velociraptor looking skeleton.

While I’m not paleontologist, there is one major flaw with this little dinosaur – he’s lacking his giant feet talons! Hence my belief that the legs are reused on all of them since it’s just a three-toed foot (it does remind me of Dinotopia though).

But the original wind up test wasn’t successful due to a tiny piece of plastic on the foot preventing my little dino from picking up his feet! But a quick filing allowed him to walk, barely. This isn’t a powerful walker by any stretch and he simply flounders on carpeting.

There is no paint on the figure because he’s supposed to glow in the dark. But when you look at him, he doesn’t seem quite the right shade and putting him in the dark confirmed my suspicion. He barely glows and his legs don’t glow at all! It’s a shame, but I’m actually amazed he even barely glowed.

For a quirky, impulsive, one dollar buy, I’m pretty happy with this guy. If he were a Happy Meal toy, he would be an awesome one. His neck, jaw and tail occasionally pop off but that’s just battle damage. Even without the legs, he still looks like a zombified dinosaur skeleton and that in and of itself is pretty awesome. Am I recommending that you track this guy down? Absolutely not, but I’m not disappointed with the purchase.


Written by jestergoblin

May 11th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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