LEGO Kingdom’s Review: Escape from the Dragon’s Prison #7187

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The warring LEGO Kingdoms continue with the summer assortment. But the roles have been a tad reversed. Last time, the Dragon Kingdom was going after the Lion Kingdom, but this time the Lion Knights are knocking at the gate.

One of the king’s knights is being held captive in the tower by the evil dragon knights! Another king’s knight is here to help and smashes through the prison gate with his ballista. Help him avoid the crashing boulders being hurled his way from the tower gate catapult! Then defeat the dragon knight on horseback to escape!

In many ways, this set mirrors the Outpost Attack set. Both are similar in size and idea, but this one shows off more of the Dragon Kingdom’s architecture first seen in the Prison Tower Rescue. A Dragon crossbowman is included dressed in Kingdom’s colors of black, dark gray and green. His scale mail looks great with a bronze chain across the chest. I think the crossbowman’s face is new which is hilariously tacky. If you’re looking to make a LEGO redneck custom, this is the head you want.

The pencil thin mustache, the missing tooth and the scared eyebrow all make a great image that just makes me think this guy is near the bottom of the Dragon Kingdom’s totem pole. For gear, he comes with a dark gray crossbow, a brown quiver and a dark gray, wide-brimmed helmet.

The real gem in this set is the Dragon Knight. A knight of the Dragon Kingdom has been seen before, but this is a full on mounted knight. The black horse is draped in a forest green cover made of cloth, scale mail and plate armor with large dragon crests. The helmet is a unicorn style with a single golden horn coming out of the top with accents to give the horse evil eyes.

The minifigure’s body and legs have been seen before, but the head and armor are all new. The large plate mail on the chest is emblazoned with a bronze dragon head while his helmet is the elaborate knight set up. The pointed visor and dark green plume make him look regal. He clenches a dark gray sword and an oblong shield decorated with the Dragon.

The new two-sided head looks pompous with a perfectly executed goatee and a raised eyebrow. He’s clearly a handsome LEGO figure and could pass off as the Magician’s brother. A small scar is under his left eye. The other side of the face is the same but without the smirk. Instead, he’s grimacing in rage with a furrowed brow. Both of them look great and are perfectly applied.

The two knights guard their prison entrance which is little more than two watch towers and a wrought iron gate. To set the Dragon Kingdom apart, their fortresses are made up of wood and steel instead of stone giving both sides’ unique looks. The build is fairly easy and the mostly symmetrical design looks great.

The front gate looks amazing but has one issue – the Knight can’t walk under it on his horse! His large helmet is too tall. The first tower flies the banner high of gold and green while a white rat scurries across the floor. The ground level is the holding cell, but it is little more than a door and some bars.

The other side features a mounted catapult to ward off attackers – and plenty of extra ammunition. The bottom level is a little nook with a large ruby resting on a pedestal – probably a trap to lure in unsuspecting adventurers. One minor issue with the prison is the shields mounted below each parapet. They’re connected via Technic pegs and spin way too easily.

Held captive in the jail is a Lion soldier. Nothing about him is impressive, but he’s a fine red shirt. His torso we’ve seen before with the checkered tabard and pearl silver helmet on his head. The face might be new which is an unshaven, smirking man with a wound on his cheek. It looks like the Dragons don’t treat their victims well.

To save his friend is another Lion solider! Another figure we’ve seen from the neck down, he looks fine in his chain mail covered in belts. His face is new with one side looking oddly confident behind his bushy eyebrows and goatee. His eyes look very white though. The other side is the same face, but much more concerned and over exaggerated.

His arsenal includes a single sword and a wide brimmed helmet just like the crossbowman’s. He also comes with a weapon cart which is a simple build with just two mounted spears and a flick-missile on some wooden wheels. The extra spears are a nice touch since it means everyone in the set will get a sword or spear to battle.

The prison gate doesn’t seem as elaborate as the Outpost Tower, but the minifigures help make the set feel like a good balance. The Dragon Knight looks fantastic on his horse – truly a terrifying sight for anyone in the Lion Kingdom. With all four heads being new to me as well, this set is an easy buy for anyone who is a fan of the LEGO Castle universe.

Written by jestergoblin

May 17th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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