Halo Mega Bloks Review: Series 2 Purple UNSC Spartan

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To hardcore LEGO fans, even the notion of Mega Bloks is heresy. In my youth, Mega Bloks were little more than LEGO knock-offs that didn’t quite fit together right and had minifigures that looked downright awful. But lately, they’ve stepped up their game and made figures that give LEGO a run for their money.

Almost definitely taking a page from LEGO’s wildly successful collectible minifigures, Mega Bloks took the same concept and applied them to their Halo line. Now, I haven’t really played any first person shooters (besides Portal 2) since the days of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark so my knowledge of Halo lore comes exclusively from the web series Red vs. Blue.

Blind bagged, there isn’t a whole lot to these packs. There’s a figure, a weapon and a brick – that’s it but it works well. The single pack I bought revealed a Purple UNSC Spartan figure. The classic design looks great in this miniature form but I still can’t get over how impressive this figure is.

The sculpt is amazing, every single part of this figure has sculpted elements down to the fingers on the hands. The bulky torso, the classic helmet and overlapping armor all look amazing. Where the shoulder and leg joints meet the body, the sculpt has some odd spacing but keep in mind this figure is only an inch and three-quarters tall.

Articulation blows me away too with this little figure featuring twelve joints all together. Ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, cut wrists, ball jointed neck, cut waist, ball jointed shoulders and hinged knees! It’s a crazy amount for a toy this small.

The paint applications are also astounding with the Purple Spartan being cast in purple plastic, given a darker wash and black highlights on the armor. His golden visor doesn’t bleed or anything.

Accessories aren’t the most exciting with a single two by four black block being included that happens to be stamped with a serial number and the word China on the side. But for a weapon, Purple comes with a dark gray Type-25 Grenade Launcher, better known as the Brute Shot. The design is close to the video game with a few minor changes to make it work in the smaller scale. The hilt had be to more opened up for a figure to grab onto it and a peg is on the side so Purple can attach it to his back.

Along with the weapon, a small insert is included showing off the remaining figures in the series along with their rarity. Purple here is a “rare” which really just means “uncommon.”

I don’t know when Mega Blocks became so good at making minifigures, but this guy is exceptional. He’s amazingly articulated, has great paint applications and just looks cool. For the Halo fan, these would make a great little desk decoration or stocking stuffer and for the non-Halo fans, this is just an excellently made minifigure and definitely worth the $2.50 I paid.

Written by jestergoblin

May 18th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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