Custom: Super Hero Squad Astonishing Emma Frost

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Sometimes I wonder about the minds  behind Hasbro’s Superhero Squad. It’s a toyline that appeals to children and adult collectors but occasionally there are figures released that boggle the mind. One of them was Emma Frost. Considered the hottest comic book characters ever, Emma doesn’t exactly lend herself to a kid-friendly look. After all, her most iconic look involves a corset, thigh-high boots and underwear. That’s it.

So when Emma was released, the version of her didn’t quite capture the look. They went with her classic appearance instead of her more recent Astonishing one. But for a few years it was fine, since one White Queen is better than none. But recently with the Combat Heroes: the Rise of Cobra, the perfect head for Emma was released… as Cover Girl.

While it’s not perfectly accurate, the head looks much better than the original one but it wasn’t as simple as a head-swap because Hasbro loves to use as many different sized joints as possible. So the head’s hole had to be dremmeled to be wide enough to fit, while the neck peg had to be shortened. I’m still debating about doing some minor paint work, like making her thighs white and her lips silver but as it stands, I think she works out pretty well and I’ve finally got a decent Astonishing X-Men display!

So what do you think?

Written by jestergoblin

December 22nd, 2009 at 8:45 am

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