Family Guy Minis Box Set Review

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In high school, I loved Family Guy. Then like most shows on Fox at the time, it was canceled and then somehow managed to come back from the dead. Meanwhile Firefly is left alone in the ‘verse and there’s no justice in the world (besides all the comics and the movie). But while wandering through Toys “R” Us’s clearance section, I spotted a multi-pack of the Griffins and figured at under $10, it was worth picking up.

Up until recently, Mezco had the Family Guy license and produced a wide variety of 6 inch scaled figures encompassing all different aspects from the show. Their mini figures were just scaled down versions of their normal offerings. For the most part, the sculpts work well.

Taking a two-dimensional drawing and turning it into a 3-d sculpt is a challenge, but Mezco did a solid job on most of the family members. Peter is hefty as can be at a towering three-and-a-half inches in height, and he’s made of solid plastic! His articulation is minimal with him just moving at the shoulders. It looks like he should move at the neck, but the joint seems to be sealed with paint.

The paint on Peter is a mixed bag. His exposed arms and everything below the bet look great. Even the eyes work well with his smile, but the rosy cheeks just look weird. Even odder is how overboard they went on his shirt, it is light gray and looks filthy instead of just being white!

Lois is exceptionally skinny and looks a lot like a bird. She manages to move at the shoulders, waist and neck. Her neck is a ball joint which is nice, but, like Peter, her paint is awful. The brown shading on her legs continues on her shirt, so it too looks like she’s been dragged through the mud. Her eyes are off center as well, giving her a crazed look.

Chris takes after his dad in design by being a giant, solid chunk of plastic. Unlike his other family members, Chris has no dry brushing on him so he actually looks good. The navy t-shirt and black pants are simple but looks screen accurate. His articulation is at the shoulders and neck and both of his hands are throwing up the horns. Sadly, there is no evil monkey.

Meg suffers from the “how do you put glasses on a toy” syndrome that fails and makes her look like a turtle. The thick frames really ruin the face and the paint on her hat isn’t quite right, giving the impression Sylar has starting cutting her brain. Meg’s clothing has some shading on it that is the best of family’s but still doesn’t compared to how clean Chris looks. Meg moves at the shoulders (be careful, they pop out) and a cut joint at the neck that feels awkwardly brittle. In fact, her figure just feels the most fragile of the set.

Stewie’s head is like Bart Simpson’s in that it just doesn’t work three dimensionally at all, so instead of having a few stray hairs he looks like he’s wearing cornrows. The glaring face and pointing finger looks great, but the paint is yet again the downfall of this figure. His hair is smudged like someone grabbed him when he was still wet. And his yellow and red clothing just look duller than they should be. Stewie moves at the shoulders and neck, all cut joints and stands an inch and a half tall.

Brian looks great except it looks like he was taken out of the mold too fast and his right side is cracked. It’s not that bad and can be hidden by having his right arm posed down. Brian’s disdain filled face looks great and he moves at the shoulders and neck but again, suffers from the same issue as Peter’s shirt. He’s supposed to be a white dog!

The paint issues can be explained by the fact that these figures are cast in dark gray plastic. When Meg’s arm popped off, it clearly showed how the figures were made and it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe the plastic factory has having a sale, but the use of that color really hurts the end product.

I feel like I come off as disliking this set a lot more than I actually do. These are fine figures that just don’t quite hit the mark. If everyone looked as good as Chris, this would be a must own for any Family Guy fan who wanted some new desk accessories but given the awkward paint on the rest of the family, you really need to double check how everyone looks before buying.

Written by jestergoblin

May 19th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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