LEGO Creator Review: Rescue Robot #5764

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The LEGO Creator line is an interesting mishmash of different ideas and themes which don’t exactly fit in with the rest of LEGO’s current offerings. How else can they make a line that contains a lighthouse, a giant robot and a log cabin?

This robot is standing by and ready for action! There’s no stopping this fantastic rescue robot with armored chrome head protection, poseable arms and legs, rocket boosters and antenna to pick up distress calls! Customize for every mission! Rebuilds into a laserbot and a robocat!

Clocking in at 149 pieces, the Rescue Robot brings me back to how LEGO sets used to be. As a kid, I loved getting small LEGO sets since the back of the packaging showed off different builds you could do with the same parts. The Creator line goes a step further and even includes instructions for multiple builds – like the Brickmaster line!

The first version is the Rescue Robot. About five inches tall, this one actually feels a lot like an action figure. Decked out in a red and gray scheme with yellow and black highlights, the Rescue Robot would fit in either helping out some firefighters in the near future or he could easily be a rampaging robot hell bent on destruction! It doesn’t matter and that makes him a lot of fun.

Articulation is surprising since LEGO seems to slowly be sneaking their “action figure” bricks into the regular line. Rescue Robot moves at the shoulders (ball jointed), hinged elbows, fingers, swivel neck, ratcheted ankles and ball jointed hips. The articulation is kind of rough though, but he’s a robot so the limited execution is okay.

The real appeal though of the figure is the light brick in his head! By pushing down the button on the back, his visor lights up orange to aid him in searching or destroying. One thing I’ve learned is that bricks can be placed behind the light brick to keep it always on too! Next Christmas, my LEGO village is going to be adorable all lit up!

If this set had just been a giant robot, it still would have been great but LEGO also included two more builds to show how different parts can be used creatively.

Robocat reminds me a bit of Ravage and looks ready to pounce. The overall design is decent but definitely feels like the odd-one-out when it comes to the designs. The light brick as a head is repeated and the articulation is slightly subpar given the stubbiness of the limbs.

I built Robocat once and don’t really see myself going back to the design, it just isn’t terribly exciting.

The last build is Laserbot and was a fascinating design because the build is done sideways. Laserbot’s front is actually his top; it’s a genius way to show how changing perspective really changes how bricks work together.

Laserbot is part robot and part firefly and would look at home battle Mega Man X. His “wings” are dinky, but his insect head looks totally different. His left arm is a large claw while his right is a massive laser canon that makes genius use of the light brick. Sadly, he’s a touch short – about only 4 inches tall, so he doesn’t seem as imposing as the Rescue Robot.

Laserbot has hinged wings, a swivel neck, ball jointed shoulders, grasping fingers, ball jointed hips and ratcheted ankles.

Three builds in one is a genius design that really makes this set worth getting for any LEGO fan. To me, the best LEGO sets are ones you could have doubles of and actually be happy about it. Part of me is mighty tempted to grab another one of these so I can build an amalgam of Rescue Bot and Laserbot into some giant laser blasting machine to march through town.

At $17, this is the cheapest way to get a light brick and part of me finds it so amusing how enamored I am by these bricks since many toy collectors would scoff at such an action feature on any other toy. But I don’t care, this is a great set and worth picking up.

Written by jestergoblin

May 25th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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