LEGO Kingdoms Review: Blacksmith Attack #6918

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Any fan of Castle themed LEGO sets needs to buy this one for one simple reason: it has new weapons and lots of them. LEGO constantly reuses parts and pieces in new ways, so getting new weaponry when LEGO knights have been battling it out with the same lances, spears and swords for over three decades is more than a little exciting.

This is the third blacksmith I’ve gotten from LEGO in a few months, but he’s all new paint. His leather apron covers his chest and upper legs and ties around the back, while his gray shirt is open and exposing some of the smithy’s chest hair.

The head is new with an impressive array of bushy eyebrows, beard and mustache. One side is him scowling while the other is him with an open mouth grin. For accessories, he comes with a black hood and a black hammer.

The new blacksmith is a small building with an open forge, a covered anvil and a water wheel – much like the Medieval Village design. The forge is simple with some orange flames in the base, while the actual building is little more than a lean-to.

LEGO seems to still be figuring out the perfect anvil design, but this one looks really good and is mounted on the floor and gripping a small dagger. The hammer is attached to move up and down as the water wheel spins too. To create a river, a single 2×4 plate is included at the side. The building uses a sand yellow roof with beams and a simple wood and stone exterior.

The other small build is a simple weapon rack that is designed to show off three pieces of weaponry and a suit of armor. The armor is nothing new and is cast in dark gray. The rack isn’t terribly exciting either, but the weaponry is exceptional.

Six different weapons are included in this set and all of them are brand new! Two identical daggers resemble the old Aquanaut daggers of old, but are slightly different. The new double-sided battle axe is stunning and a must have for any dwarven fans. The metal bow is sturdy and worlds different from the elven longbow.

The new sword looks like it should be in Hyrule and is probably as close to a LEGO Master Sword we’ll ever get. A scepter is made with claws clutching an orb that will be perfect for a king or wizard. The final new weapon is a different staff with a hooked end that looks like it was forged by orcs.

If those weapons weren’t enough, this set also includes a golden crystal (I know that makes no sense), a new bucket accessory and a new animal – a chicken! After realizing that the LEGO chickens in the Medieval Village weren’t quite right (and we have a LEGO parrot already), LEGO made a chicken! My adoration of LEGO animals isn’t new and this continues it. A simple piece in dark tan with a few paint applications on the comb and eyes, the chicken looks great. And more importantly, looks like a chicken!

If that was all this set included, it would still be a must by for any castle fan but LEGO included another minifigure – a Dragon Knight! Similar to the one in the Knights’ Showdown, the Dragon Knight is wearing his black and bronze armor that looks amazing and is wearing the dark gray bucket helmet with green plume.

Unlike that one though he has a different head that’s rather plain, it’s just a guy who looks kind of angry. That’s it. It’s simple and it works well. For weaponry, the Dragon Knight comes with the small Dragon shield and a dark gray sword.

For $10, this set comes with two figures, enough accessories to outfit an entire army, a chicken and a decent blacksmith! To say this is an exceptional value is still and understatement and while I don’t do things like Toy of the Year, this is definitely the best set LEGO has released at this price point in a long, long time.

Written by jestergoblin

May 23rd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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