Halo Mega Bloks Review: Series 2 Purple Covenant Brute

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After being so enamored by the first Halo Mega Bloks figure I bought, I decided to grab a few more packs for fun. Turns out I grabbed three Brutes and another Purple Spartan. So all of the figures I got are purple, which seems a tiny bit odd to me.

The Ultra Brute is a species of some kind of space gorilla that looks like the cast of Planet of the Apes and Chewbacca had a love child. The overall design isn’t bad – in the video games. This is one instance where even Mega Bloks’ sculpting can’t save the weirdness of this figure.

Just like how all LEGO figures are really identical, you can see the resemblance here as well. All the joints are the same: a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, cut wrist, cut waist, ball jointed hips and hinged knees. But unlike the Purple Spartan, a lot more of the articulation is limited by the sculpt. The massive legs barely bend and the weirdly designed head almost doesn’t even more.

The rest of the sculpt just looks weird. The Brute has the same hands as a human, and his bulky arms get very skinny near the wrist, while the shoulders look disconnected from his body. His chest looks okay with some straps sculpted across it while his armor and fur aren’t given much difference in sculpting.

From a quality control standpoint, there is a world of difference between Mega Bloks and LEGO in this case. The paint looks shoddy and unfinished with only part of the legs painted. The armor is flat and dull, while the white eyes look lifeless and cartoony. Worst of all though is the quality on the legs. One of my brutes had his kneed immediately snap off, while another one has an improperly size foot that refuses to connect to the bricks!

For accessories, a single black 4×2 brick is included to display or something. The other accessory is a new gun, the Type-25 Carbine better known as a Spiker. It looks like a sawed off shotgun with two bayonets attached to the bottom of it. It’s well made and cast in dark gray plastic.

I don’t know what happened with this figure. Maybe the Spartan was the fluke and the rest of them are like this or maybe this guy is the odd one out. I don’t know, but after buying five packs and ending up with three of the same figure, I’m annoyed. The broken leg is unacceptable and the slightly too small foot that makes connecting him impossible is just a reminder that LEGO is the best for quality, hands down.

As for the design of the figure, the space gorilla Brutes aren’t the most exciting and subpar sculpt and paint just make the figure look worse overall.  At the end of the day, these are just a reminder that when it comes to construction toys, LEGO still reigns supreme.


Written by jestergoblin

May 24th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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