Happy Meal Review: Yellow Puncher & Green Dragon

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I’ve had these two toys my entire life and given that they are both stamped with a copyright date of ‘85 that makes a lot sense. But somehow these two Happy Meals’ toys survived my brother and me relentlessly destroying toys with fireworks.

It’s been a while since I reviewed the Burger King Z-Bots and after Newton Gimmick reviewed the Batman the Brave and the Bold toys, I spotted these guys in a bin and knew I had to share them with the rest of the world. I don’t know their names, but someone else must have seen them before, right?

Internally, I’m thinking both these toys are near identical. They have a simple pull-back and release mechanism that allows them to fly recklessly across a table. After 25 years of existing though, Yellow Puncher isn’t working as well as he used to, Green Snake is still flying across tables and desks before tumbling to his untimely demises.

Yellow Puncher looks like a cross between Mr. T and an Easter Island head statue. His right arm is outstretched in a fist, while his left is kept close to his body. His head has a little mohawk on top of it.

The sculpt overall is geometric but is unmistakably a robot. His “legs” are tank treads. The face is the best part though for expression, the sullen eyes are sunken deeply along with his mouth.

Paint is worn but the yellow has held up surprisingly well after two and a half decades. The figure is cast in gray plastic with a back painted black. As a burst of color, the “motor” is bright red and visible behind Puncher’s eyes.

Green Snake is fairly similar with a matching geometric design. A stylized cobra, this toy looks like it should be patrolling the fences against a G.I. Joe invasion. All the elements of the figure are sculpted including the eyes, fangs and tongue.

But the paint is where Green Snake still excels after all this time. The red and yellow eyes are piercing, and the fact that his tongue and fangs have unique paint applications is astounding to me when so many toys nowadays just let that kind of stuff slide.

Are either of these toys super exciting? Not at all, but they’re solid pieces of constructions. I can’t think of many toys that I have now that I think will be around when I’m 50. But these little guys bring me back to my childhood of robots battling with army men and Army Ants in a village made of blocks and Lincoln Logs.

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May 26th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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