Spider-Man & Friends Review: Lil’ Green Goblin

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I don’t know how many toy collectors can claim this but: I blame yo go re for my Super Hero Squad obsession. For years, I happily collected Ninja Turtles and the occasional Marvel Legend figure but then I read a single review. Toss in the fact that I had a $50 gift card to Target at the time as well, and the rest is history.

A scientific genius who’s as smart as he is strong, crafty Green Goblin calls on both of his amazing abilities whenever he needs them. Unafraid of injury thanks to his super quick ability to heal, Green Goblin isn’t afraid of a bit of reckless showing-off. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find Green Goblin using his one-of-a-kind glider to swoop into situations simply to stir up a little trouble!

The precursor to the Super Hero Squad, Spider-Man & Friends was a 6-inch scale of figures designed for toddlers but there was something about this guy that meant I had to have him. After six years of owning him, he still happily watches over my desk looks adorably frightening.

Slightly deformed with oversized feet and hands, Green Goblin looks adorable. His way too cheerful grin is creepy as can be, but what’s most amazing about the figure is how accurate it is. The jester boots, the satchel and cap all look great. The whole figure is uniquely sculpted with his arms and legs covered in diamond scales while his boots, gloves and tunic are ruffled.

Hanging over his shoulder is a strap that’s sculpted into his chest, while his satchel is permanently attached to his left leg – just like the old animated series Green Goblin. Instead of giving him some easy to lose and impossible to hold accessories, a pumpkin bomb is permanently attached to his right hand.

Articulation is decent with Green Goblin having cut joints at the shoulders, wrists and neck and a t-crotch. His elbows are hinged, but don’t seem to be designed quite right so they barely move.

The paint is simple but works well too with the bright green contrasting excellently against the dark purple clothes. His belt buckle is painted and even the stem on the pumpkin grenade gets its own shade of green! There is a tiny bit of slop on his right glove and his upper arms don’t quite match his lower arms since one is glossy and the other is matte.

No goblin would be complete without his glider and Green Goblin’s is a genius skateboard-glider-jetpack combo. The stylized bat motif is still there with pegs for Goblin to loosely plug into. The wheels spin freely allowing him to drive around and it’s also designed to attach to his back. Sure, it may not be comic accurate but it’s a great toy concept.

It’s easy to see how this line and Galactic Heroes inspired the Super Hero Squad with the odd proportions and cartoony, but comic accurate, designs. As a collector, there’s something quirky about owning such an adorable psychopath. For kids though, this is a fantastic toy to get them hooked on the Marvel Universe.

Written by jestergoblin

June 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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